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Amazing app. But one problem is there. That is my front flash never works in this app as it doesn't have an option . As newer phones are developing please adapt to the recent features. Thanks a lot Cool

Such a amazing app It would be more beautiful if you put some face filters in it Loved this app Brilliant

Yes this is perfect camera ,selfi and also a best photo editor ....because this camera's effects is very natural and it's easy to use so I Love this app ......weldone MEITU..... Amazing!

فقط مشگل که عکس زیادی که موقع انتخاب ویرایش در کالری اضافه میشود فقط این مشکل داره واگرنه خیلی عالیه Enjoy it!

یہ ایپ مجھے کافی پسند آیا...... اس کے لیے میں میٹو ٹیکنالوجی کا شکر گزار ہوں Muito bom!

Nice h acha h use kro mst raho ladki pattao ladka bhagaoo bund Sunday round gagnu hfdvjo to the Dusshera celebrate with you to see you then and now we have a nice weekend too like this store is closed on Monday so we can be a great weekend and will Perfect!

I love it, when I changed my phone , I went on to search for it but downloaded the wrong app that looks similar and that app wasn't giving me what I wanted. But yesterday was a happy day, I went back saw the app and downloaded it and it was exactly what I have been looking for. The app is perfect and easy to use. 5 star to it. Cool

Plz provide blur image effect or dslr effect to make images more attractive plzz this is my rqst to you Highly Recommend.

Its a fun app. I actually got it or kept it bcuz my skin is scarred in depth so this app's facial blend improves my skin's condition.... Marvelous

It is a best app for photo editing Lover bcoz this app gives very good editing feature in simple ways.. Just wow

Very useful,daming naglabasang mga bagong photo edits, to prin tlaga. Pls. FIX BUGS.. Pretty good

This is best selfie app with photo editor. I recommend to all friends who love taking selfie. Must have

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Very lovely.. But can you consider my opinion??? Can you put some option to choose what the picture size like b612 and make it can record??? Please consider it. Omg

Good app It is very good app and it has many other features which is help to editing our photo and the best filter is abao Muito bom!

"Love this camera...... it is a best camera for taking selfi ... really lovely" " I like it very much" PERFECT SELFI Surprisingly

Very good app and this gives happines like i have to ask to my self am i this much beautifull Brilliant

This apps is not good...after 2016 this apps very good. Mainly affect low Quality.. Must have

Honestly this app is making life sweet for me, Amazing quality pics and having with it. Marvelous

I just want to shout my self is beautiful camera more other app to be come beautiful photo shoot Good

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