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best selfie app ever. reason i wouldnt give 5 star is because it crashes lately. when i take a photo it tries to open an AD and everything goes blank. if i disable access to internet it works fine. please update it! Awesome

I likes and loved this app. Very nice and so better result, Fabulous!

Used to like this app. Now when I load a photo it just goes to a blank ad page that I can't exit out of. Uninstalling and finding a better app. Good

It is quiet good but when i go in to it keeps crashing all the time white background Worth a go!

it's a very good app but why Google app's keep blocking my pictures from screen all time's can you please help that situation Amazing!

I like this app except the ads make it impossible to get much accomplished. I have had to uninstall twice because the 'wish shopping app' ad freezes over the photo I just took. That wish app ad is always causing problems, I swear. Fabulous!

Well this is the best about I ever had on my phone I use it all the time I love it so much I will recommend it to everybody thank you xoxo Recommend

This is my dad's phone and I like take a lot of photos and this helps me when I want to do different kind of photos for every different day Enjoy it!

Its a great app. Im not ashamed to upload a photo in social media by using this app. I just like it ☺☺ Surprisingly

This is the best I've tried so far. Only thing is it doesn't take big sized pictures so I'm giving it a four star rating. Please fix. HTC EVO 4G LTE. Thanks. Absolutely awesome! So much better than before. Thanks for the great improvements developers! Pretty good

Sooo easy and really cute! A little limited effects but eh I still made my birthday invites with it Not bad

The filters are lovable, only when one thing I don't like about it is it's name. Can you please come up with some cool name for the app? And oh yea!! A "auto save" option too Brilliant

This app is the best for now. Pls keep improving to make the most of all apps to come Well done!!

Oh my word...... . . . This is the best app ever... . . I LOVE IT. It does wonders, I have even recommended it to my friends. #Excited# Recommend

I absolutely love this app, until a couple of weeks ago, where it suddenly stopped processing my images properly. Now it just automatically turns it to a blank black picture. I am very disappointed cos I loved this app so much and it was great when I first downloaded it. Omg

Lovable application many people have been asking me...ooh which app are you using Cool

I can't explain in words that how better this camera is really beautiful app. I want to thank it's members who gave there precious time in designing it. Thanks a lot With best wishes from Md Munib Enjoy it!

It really nice, with this you have all your photo beautiful and attractive I really love using it makes me feel good Amazing!

So far so good. My normal camera on my phone stopped working, for some reason but this app does everything i want it to! Worth it!

Love it Out of every App I've downloaded, this is one of those amazing 'worth it' Apps! Fabulous!

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