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Please update for samsung galaxy s9! Ever since getting my new phone i complete a song on literally anything(roadshow, schedule, etc..) and the game freezes on a black screen and i have to back out. Also please get better customer service. Ive been putting this issue on facebook and the user center and no response for a week now. Cool

It was really fun when I first downloaded it a few months ago but recently I cannot even finish a song before it crashes and I lose all my data. Even for special events that need me to complete the task, the game glitches badly and all my progress is lost and my task is failed. It is a fun game and I want to play it again but if this issue continues i will not. Must have

Just one problem. The LADDER mode. It matches low-leveled players, like me, to high-leveled players. Its pretty unfair from my point of view. It would be better if you matched it by the same level. For example, a Level 29 player gets matched with another Level 29 player. Just fix this mismatching problem and I'll rate it back to 5 stars ASAP. Works perfectly

Love the songs and its addictive. Except I'm currently running into a problem where I can only play 1 song at a time. Each time I finish a song I have to close the app and reopen it repeatedly in order to play another song. I didn't have this problem before. I wonder if its a small glitch in the game? Great job

Pretty good overall. Just that lately, every time you play a song, it would black out or freeze with the audio still going on. I'd have to restart the game over and it's not really convenient. Muito bom!

Overall, it's extremely addictive and so much fun, with great gameplay and incredible graphics. I have a problem, however. I don't know if it's just the kind of phone that I have, but it crashes. A lot. Even when I don't have the app open, it'll say that it has stopped. Thats my only complaint, amazing game besides that! Superb!

Please fix it, it's make me failed/lose star because only comes out blank page, i thought it just a loading, but i'm wait for half an hour.. please please please fix it, this is great, good game... thank you Great job

Really addictive game and the best rhythm game so far. And the new update with ladder challenge is so great, thank you for that. However there are still some bugs, such as I can't go back to the main display from the schedule menu or skill challenge/ladder menu. Sometimes the notes are not responsive too, so they are counted as miss. The game ALWAYS lags and force closed whenever I try to open all star tab on management menu. Please fix these. Oh and please add Jaewon/ One on the game, because he's awesome and also a YG's soloist. Thank you Great job

Please add new song Breathe from Lee Hi's Seoulite and Green Windows from Akdong Musician, you missed this amazing song. I love to see this song in the game list. Oh, and please decrease the price of all skin (the permanent one) to 800/600 diamonds only. You know it's really hard to gain some diamonds in this game. Must have

The game was good but I keep miss even I already tap the note. Please solve this problem. Thanks. Also, please add timing setting cause some people has it own tempo on a song wow lol

Lately the game has been very glitchy. The notes will skip ahead and often not show up during a song. It's extremely annoying. Enjoy it!

I can't get past Taeyangs 'only look at me' I have tried everything. I have even tried using my toes. Has Taeyang even past this level? I wanna cry. Mr. Yg why must you torture me this way? Not bad

I love this game, but when i reinstalled it bcs i formatted my phone, it does load but then it becomes unresponsive when i want to play. Hope you will fix this issue Edit : after i played a song, the screen becomes black and unresponsive. And sometimes after start up i cant seem to go to the menu without the game being freeze in some menus. Just wow

This is fun! But it's a bit sad that only square two and aiiyl were there. Square One wasn't included somehow. Waeyo? I think it'll be more exciting if Boombayah and Whistle were both there. Include square one jebal. Kamsahamnida. Amazing!

The gameplay is better compared to the 3 Superstars. This game has story, events, dorms, manager clubs, tournaments, etc unlike in Superstar your only goal is to level up and your artist, boring. Just fix the bugs after first combo and the bugs after every song. All in all, its a good game. PS. Please put Blackpink's Whistle and Boombayah, Blinks really want to play it. wow lol

I had fun playing this game before. Now, everytime I try to play the second song, I had to tap Start button multiple times for it to work. It's annoying and make me lose interest to continue playing. So, I can only play one song a day, it's disappointing. Great job

I know i'm not the only one experiencing the sudden black out in the screen after playing a single song, and the sudden pop out of a message box that says BEATEVO YG isn't responding even tho i'm not playing it. Please fix this immediately. It starts to annoy me that pushes me not to play this game anymore even though i love it. The graphics are the best, but then speaking of graphics. Please remove the word 'the' in the sentence that says 'If the you are experiencing delay' thats shows up before the tap tap game starts, its grammar is so off. Just a concerned player here. I hope you can fix it immediately ! Lovelots ~ Well done!!

I have enjoyed this game up until recently. The black screen after one song and the lag now and again is ruining the game for me. Please come up with a fix. I don't want to uninstall. Omg

It's okay. Would love it if it stopped bugging about. Everytime you get a first combo it lagged and you lose your chance. And after the song the screen goes black. If these bugs were fixed I would definitely rate higher. Fabulous!

I installed the game but what welcomed me is only the starting page. I keep on touching to start but nothing happens. I tried restarting my phone thinking that it's my phone's problem but turns out it wasn't. Kindly fix this problem, I badly miss playing this one. Highly Recommend.

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