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I got a new phone and all my stuff got removed from beat jumper and now I have to get all my stuff back again it took me months! To get almost all of my characters I hope you guys fix this Great!

The only think I could ask can you change the sound effects? It's kinda annoying Muito bom!

Don't like the actual game but the music is LEGENDARY , can you put the music on YouTube please. Just wow

Best game ever Good the suggestion is if we could include our own song into the game...could be great.... wow lol

PRETTY GOOD But it needs more music...maybe their could be a store thingy... where u can buy music and every time u jump on the things (in the game) u could get like a point and once u get up to like 100 points u can buy new music love it

Wish you could more easily earn different characters cuz I play this game daily and just love it! Simple, almost mind numbing, took me a little getting used to the controls but once I understood the learning curve was all downhill on easy street. Recommend

Awesome Love it my high score as of right now is 504 just right now not later soon to be 1,000 Enjoy it!

Nice Great game but... it would be nice if there were more themes and different ways to get them instead of just paying. Awesome

Well i just love this game! This is awesome! Its just like geometry dash and doodle jump and the best part is... its free! Thank you i enjoyed this game Works perfectly

This game is awesome to play in your free time, I'm already addicted to it so keep up the good work! Awesome

It's kinda hard to get a hang of if you have nails on your thumbs, but otherwise it's a fun game and a great time killer Highly Recommend.

I love this game and it's a great time killer... But maybe instead of the same level over and over maybe create like 10 new levels Works great

different but challenging Once u get the hang of it there's no failing it's really cool I love the music and the skins nice job Must have

Best game in the whole dimension I love the beat and the game play is awesome keep making more games like this ok Works great

Excellent game and very fair. Totally beatable without spending any money, and lots of coins are given out for free. Very fun. More music options would be nice, and new difficulty curves after 1250 as well. love it

Amazing game Truly love this game slightly addictive but truly enjoy it got 9 achievements in 30 mins XD Brilliant

Great game but... This is a fantastic game but when I spent 20 coins to revive, it killed me almost instantly. If you make it so you start again on a platform then I will rate 5 stars. Worth a go!

Pretty fun It is a nice little game that waste time and is addictive. A must try with sick music. wow lol

Great game! Very fun game for those who want a challenge. Perfect for those boring occasions! One thing though, themes are purchase only. Maybe make them a rare unlockable or something aswell. Flawless

Awesome This game is so fun! It's not like one of those stupid ones that you play once or twice and just get bored. This game is amazing! I love it! Great job

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