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U can't fit the beard onto your person, it doesn't have a movable mustache on top and the face shapes are all very rounded, not every1 has a round face. The mouth ares are super small Worth it!

Meh, its alright. Beards are all different hair color, super high resolution, and different shapes. So it's almost impossible to actually get a beard that fits your face and hair color, and you'd have better had your photo taken professionally because anything lower resolution will stick out like a sore thumb. So I'd say this is only good for a joke or gag app, if you wanna know how you're​ gonna look with a beard, then glue some hair on your face or grow a real beard... Great job

You can be creative with this app especially good for cartoonists creating characters. Works perfectly

Got the best (bj) dome, for getting this beard app on my dome! Win, win, say cheese and don't spit... Awesome

It works perfectly on my android 6.0.1 love it! BTW, the ads disturbing my time while editing. LoL. But for all, I satisfied with it. Thanks Cool

Great app. I just wish I could rotate the beard. Other than that it exceeded my expectations... Which is surprising since I usually set myself up for disappointment Enjoy it!

Its an amazkng app fpr people who cravw fpr a beared but for me i already got an amazing one and just experimentomg one and totally loved it Works great

Good enough This app is quite good. The beards are awesome. Maybe the devs could improve the app by adding more saving options. Like save as different file types (.jpg, .png, .gif, etc.) And save to custom folder path. Keep improving! Works great

Hey this app can exactly fit the beards and mustache to anyone's face very accurately!! Worth a go!

Awesome app especially for me as I'm a beard lover and try new styles every time. It helped giving an idea which will suit my face Surprisingly

Would be nice to be able to manually shape the beard...and change the color. If there's a way to do that, it's not obvious or even fairly easy to figure out. I use this for character prototype editing so it's important the beard looks natural and realistic. It only really works if you have a perfectly straight face fronting picture and the persons face is round. Stubble and thinner beards are harder to make look suitable. Still, I'm happy something like this exists. Just think some updating could really make the app top-notch. If you ever had these or even some of these features let me know and I'll def change my review to a higher one! Highly Recommend.

technology and the human brain my my...knows no bounds!! this app here seems cool.its a go. Great!

I wish there was also a feature where you can zoom in/out the photo you select and adjust the scale of the beard manually. Apart from that it's great. Surprisingly

It's a good app. Though it's hard to choose one favorites style but won't able to switch so it will fit the face shapes :/ Recommend

A lil more to reach perfect There should be a way to stretch d beards or compress them cos heads and shins r of diff lengths 5 star

so sneaky... this application changes my life.. when the girl see my pict with this accessory, they are really adore me like apig..they bagging me for dating. n when all of them see my real face on video call, for 3 second nothings happen. silent,,no chat, no sound, no word..and than everything's back to normal. I can't found even one chat account. yeahh they all gone..all account they use to chat with me before, has been deleted...tq Just wow

Brilliant, like a sir, top shelf. All things I can say now that I have a beard. Thank you Beard Photo Editor Studio. Thank you for making me feel like a MAN again. Worth it!

Just love it..My face just look manly..easy to use...just use zoom size to perfect fit size of the face..Five Flawless

Alhamdulilah akhirnya saya brewokan juga, setelah setaun menciba berbagai minyak oles namun tak berhasil. Akhirnya pake apps ini skali klik bisa langsung brewokan dan yg paling keren bisa milih tipe brewokan pula hahahaa Go well

It nice Liked it, some fits into my face while some are not. Pls inventer try and make it fit into different picture sizes in case u wanna up date it. Worth a go!

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