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yo,yo,yo If you don't know what this is used for? And you don't want on the phone? Pay attention!!! Sign out of every account, back up all hard data, Then Factory Reset Your Phone !!!, Go at your own pace, Don't spend hours fiddling around digging yourself down a deeper hole. It is liberating not having to look at this. If you slowly start signing in the same accounts check your apps it's there still waiting to be clicked by mistake but right now it's not on, and all is good just wanted to let others know Like it if you want more to find out Works perfectly

This driver is great. I've now managed to work out an API for it and can beam barcodes from within practically any app. I also didn't realise it was symbology-neutral, which means I can beam for any symbology I care to define! For those who hate it, it can be removed by using TWRP or similar. This does not need root. wow lol

people complaining of "forcing" are hilarious. this app is just a few KB and allow the screen to be "beeped" at cashiers (for shop cards, if you store them in an app, i do.) on the total amount of memory is IRRELEVANT given apps like whatsapp and facebook are happily doenloaded which sniff and share your contacts and activities. for istance FB requires MB, not KB, and whatsapp stores everything on your device, eating up storage, PLUS privacy issues. complaining that samsung "forces" you with this app is like complaining about samsung "forcing you" to have auto-brightness or choosing android. "i just want the phone, right!!!??" people talk just for the sake of it. "consumers" are often too stupid to get a grasp. Recommend

ignore those uninformed reviews. this app provides the ability to scan any coded card/loyalty card or pricing card and use it at a cashiers scanner. you also need one of the card-storage apps. It removed 1/2 inch of plastic cards from my wallet. never want to go back. 6 of 5 stars. must have it. Go well

I've just read the last 50 or so reviews. Whether or not I agree with any of it, most of them are negative for whatever reason. However, the review highlights don't mention anything negative. I'm sure having someone go through every review is impossible or at least to costly. Just makes me think Google and Samsung are attempting to shift things to favor them at our expense. What happened to go old honesty. Worth it!

Idiots in this form. You all realize if you have E-coupons, this is needed for it to work! Without this you would be able to use barcodes on your phone. Works perfectly

To all the people saying things about this app. Samsung phones and or softwere. If you dont like buy stock google device instead.otherwise shut your traps. Thank you i use many of samung products beacuse i like they way they work. But thats just me.other people use apple or lg or BlackBerry or excetra. wow lol

I have only used this app a few times but I don't have a problem with it. If I want to uninstall it, it is easy to do , as soon as you open the preinstalled Samsung download there is an option with uninstall so it's self exploratory. I did download the beacon flashlight but have just installed that. This was due to having popup adds on the screen every time I. Opened my Phone. So yes I like this app. Enjoy it!

PER "HOW THIS WORK'S" Unless requested by an authorized application, this system lies dormant on the device and does not interrupt or hinder any other operation on the device. Amazing!

Is it so hard to read? It's a service, not an app so it won't show in the app draw. Worth a go!

Now that Mobeam has been discontinued, the galaxy s4's feature is now useless as Samsung Pay doesn't support this for S4 Works perfectly

This WAS amazing... Until their other app Beep n' Go disappeared. Without it, this service is useless. And it really sucks because Beep n' Go was the only app that I know of that utilized this service and it made cards work digitally on all types of scanners. Now I can't use my library card through my phone anymore :( Recommend

Do people not realize that phones are little computers and just because you think *you didn't install it, you don't need or want it* let me trekking you that you're just being ignorant. Go to to your PC and open your task manager, click on system processes and end explorer, let me know how your computer works after that. Your whole desktop will disappear, all because you ended something you didn't install. Enjoy it!

It stores my cards with my account which makes transition to a new phone a way more easy. And it simply works even on the old scanners. Great app. Great!

Quick, easy pre-installed app. Needed for my scanning discount cards and coupons! 5 star

Most of the dumbest idiots own the new Galaxies!! Please read the god damn description before freaking out with the reviews. Dayum! Surprisingly

FOR THOSE COMPLAINING: This is a system app. It cannot be opened, as it does nothing by itself. You need another app to use the features provided by this app, for example Samsung Pay. When you use your grocery store card in Samsung Pay and it shows you the barcode for the card, it is using this app. You know when your using this by the blue led flashing at the top of your device. The only reason this app shows up in the apps menu in your phones settings is so that it can be updated often instead of only when Samsung pushes software updates. Try this, in app settings, select the "Show System Apps" option under the menu at the top right corner. Now you will see a bunch of system apps that are required in oder for your phone to function correctly. Still not convinced, let me try another way to explain. This app is like your webcam driver (software) on your computer. The driver does nothing by itself, but it just allows other software that you would install to use the webcam on your computer. So all this app does is allow other developers to make apps that would use some barcode emulation hardware that is already in your phone. Fabulous!

Make sure your screen time-out is not on 15seconds,&(if not)that any/all apps telling you about said "screen time-out" using too much battery life up are off during_while using this app(just create a shortcut, on the platform, that can turn all these on, up, off, etc. ;-) )! Pretty good

Needs to remove beepngo from description no longer exists lost all my saved loyalty cards now I have to go to all the stores and get new cards Cool

Excellent service, allows my phone to store loyalty cards in loyalty apps and allow my phones screen to be read by a barcode scanner. Saves my wallet from being fat. Recommend

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