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Been on it for a few years , one of my favorite games to always come back to whether you wanna waste 5 minutes or an hour. Some glitches here and there occasionally, but usually fixes pretty quick. I only battle with the monkey, cause I'm not a pu$$ who needs special powers to win - yup I said it - phucewe ! Perfect

It's been great but wassup with the online play... I need to log on and I forgot my password... I keep requesting it but I'm not getting my emails responded to. Please help Just wow

The gameplay is just awesome.. Addictive.. Simple but attractive.. Still needs a no. Of improvements.. There can be a drastic fall in prices and more ways t9 earn diamonds... Kudos to u gyes Flawless

Am always unplugged when am about to play ,is So so sad. I do manage to finish just 2 games out of 10 games .whats really going on? Fabulous!

I think you make more money if give more chance to play online. Many times monkeys stop working and not move even in 4g network. Enjoy it!

The game is great, decent graphics, good sounds and music. Helps kill time and is so entertaining. Only issue I encounter is after watching ad, game sounds get turned off, its little annoying, forces you to manually turn it back on. Perfect

Need improvement. It got hanged several times. After finishing the freind zone game. So please work on it. We have to restart it again. From beginning. So Must have

Could be fun, the help section doesn't work which is frustrating. Also I can figure out who gets to go first and who gets targeted by the attacks. I was put to sleep for four turns in a row and no other opponent was targeted. Works perfectly

Can be glitchy but superb game. Would like to see scoring changed, as one loss v low ranks or AI can cost you 10 consecutive wins to recover. Full leader board stats would be nice too, I.e. win%, damage per game Works perfectly

Undoutedly, a fantastic & quite entertaining game. Even better, the game doesn't force you to login daily like many other games. So, you can login at anytime, have fun & leave. The only bitter part then being the indifference & negligence shown by the devs towards the game. No updates or in-game events in years now. Now, don't get me wrong - The game is solid as it is & perennial fountain of joy. However, with continued disregard I fear this wonderful game might die out. Worth a go!

Started playing from the beginning, Still love it. Now I need my password! Sent many emails, no response....Please Help! Just wow

I like the game but I went to get 10 dollar Google Play store for the infinite energy and 2000 dimemeon (Sorry if I spell the word wrong) anyways after that it didn't give me the 9.99 thing in battle monkeys and you know what the worst IT TOOK MY GOOGLE PLAY MONEY AWAY Pretty good

I forgot my username and password and I'm unable to receive the mail to reset them even after multiple attempts of clicking forgot tab, kindly help with this.. Go well

This game is so much fun. No cons. The only thing I don't like about this game is that it's not available in portrait mode. Care to add portrait mode in the next update? Amazing!

I rated this 5 stars until I logged into my gamenet account and it never connected. I have been playing this for 4 years and it was perfect until now. Please fix this issue. Great job

This is a fun game, but sleep is too overpowered... if somebody is near alot of sleep tiles they could make you sleep over and over and somebody could win just because of a couple sleep tiles... make them more rare then more uncommon! Lava tiles too, they need to be more uncommon to help the gameplay (hence the sleep) If this change is implented then i and other players would be happy... Thank you Must have

Waiting for BM2! The game is buggy but really addictive, and has a lot of potential. Looking forward to BM2 :) Superb!

I Hate This games.. Why my brother is playing this game again N again? My brother is Forget.. He's have sister ( me ) Great!

Best Multi-player Game Best Multi-player Game game ever. U can play multipay from anywhere this is the best part of the game Great!

Brilliant bit of fun for killing time without having to think too much. Brilliant Perfect

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