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The game was good for the first 4days and now it's going insane buggy glitchy ..... Every time I go to the shop to look at items I can swipe right keeps getting me back to the bigging every 3 seconds and in the battle my ship keeps teleporting Cool

This game is absolutely fun and awesome , but just wondering if there is a fleet up with more than 2 players , if there is plz tell me how it works Works great

If you keep nerfing the weapons, players may eventually leave the game. I already had few weapons build being nerfed in a few updates by now, and it makes me think twice whether it is worth to spend the buck now. And I am thinking whether should I leave for world of warship. Omg

Great graphics and overall concept. Controls are terrible and the crafts/boats are way to slow. Good

The Best Damn game out there!Watch out you'll be addicted before you know it!The Graphics and Live game play are incredible,like nothing else out there!!I can't say enough about the game and the great job Rovio does in keeping it running as smooth as possible,Thanks Rovio! Not bad

I think that it was so fun the controls is so good that I want a nother game of this because the strategies you could use to win in the battle to get XP to level up. Worth a go!

I love this game! Great graphics! Very original idea! You people are awesome game designers! Keep up the good work! Just wow

Im getting bored.... The enemy so overwhelmed and more level than me..what should I do.. Cool

I loved it....It's really epic...One ......Really aswm ...But don't make any kind of nonsense with game it's aswm and simple ...Be like tis....Aswm...Aswm.aaaswm Well done!!

Good game but please make some more weapons and mire boats otherwise all is OVERPOWERED Great job

Thanks for adding new boxes daily! I would really like to get all items I missed Please I'm a new player and missed since March 1 please help me get my missed items! Make it possible! Because noting is impossible! In your hands. wow lol

This was a great game until the last update. The patch won't install and after trying a multitude of fixes the game itself won't install. I even reset my phone to try and get this working with no success. Pretty good

This game is good its jsut that the guns take to long to reload, plus the controls are to difficult, and sometime don't register for your ship to move but everything else is good. Works great

The game is amazing though the in-app purchases are too expensive. But I've just switched my network provider to BT and now I cannot play the game: keeps saying that my connection failed even though it works with other apps. Please help. Superb!

What a great game. I don't usually play games on my Pixel but this game has me hooked! I would anyone to at least try the game out because you will love playing it!! Well done!!

I enjoy playing this game. Good controls . Additional mini games will make this much more better.. Good

I like so much this is game but please please give me legendary weapons wow lol

Good, fun, shooter. Not too basic, not too complex. Even spent a few bucks on in game items. Surprisingly

I love this game, the controls, modes and weapons. This is just my favorite game Omg

Гра цікава, не знаю що там з донатом, аде цікаво Works perfectly

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