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Awesome!! My favorite game... literally spend hours upon hours playing. Love the new update!!! Marvelous

I think its would be awsome if you can connect with your friends or talk with them while on the battle Amazing!

What i think of this game is fun because you can destroy boats together as a team of your own. Awesome

Good graphics The game is really good with great graphics and amazing gameplay. It is a game that should be played by everyone. Recommend

Awesome Game For Multilayer Only One Thing Is To Add Is New Stage There Are very Less Stage To Play Please Add Some New Stages. My game is not starting please fix the bug is not working in my device please update it fast. It always happens to me its suddenly stopped working it occurs for 4-5 times in mobile please fixed it my device is redmi note-4. I request you to please please fix the bug and issues. Please Add Some New places we get bore by playing same level please make it possible. Pretty good

I like the game just i hate the players i go against because they are all proes and im a noob and its becoming unfair for me so pls add a kind of sorting system in the game so you dont go against people who are to hard for you Cool

Hate this game is am on level 8 I play continues 28 matches and kill 3 ship or more in all matches but I lose 15 matches in first match I kill 4 and 1 kill me and my 3 friends were full hp but 1 ship with 23 hp defeat them in two minutes in 13 match I kill all ships no my any friends can you tell why this types of play come in my team.when this types of players go I gave this game 5 rate because the game is good but players are not good. wow lol

its great, you really have to think with materials and what you want to scrap. you get to build the ship you want. which i think is cool at least Superb!

Good changes, but could you guys bring back the big ol' red BATTLE button? The new one doesn't quite evoke that same 'YAAAARRGH!' feeling of going into battle. Thanks:) Fantastic

Edit: The updated version of this game ja madr me dislike playing anymore. We have been playing by the laws and rules of the game upgrading our ships to what were the obetives of the game. Now that we have done this they have changed point system for damage and the fire duration of weapons. Dont fix whats not broken. Plus could there be more maps please. Great game all around. Fun with responsive controls. Not bad

expecting more levels, game is awesome but same maps making it boring, raffle drawing feels unfair since there shouldnt be green parts to draw by hardly earned raffle, i wish i could put some fancy lights on my ship && decorate it , introduce some new ships with more powers like ships that could jump or fly for a while, i miss angry birds dice game a lot !! Superb!

Wow super game and good graphics and please update the guild name option and update the promotes because few members ask me Highly Recommend.

superb game...but in battle replay you should add forward,pause button....please consider it... Perfect

Plz push an update to hide chat button during battles, while battle the screen should be much cleaner with minimum icons on screen or transparent eg weapon icon. Auto on off header which shows ship names icons etc to enjoy the game screen on mobile. Ship score is added but how know the quality / grade /% over the other strong ships where do our ships stand on that point of the certain ship levels. Sea texture and colour need to be more improved, i really love the water in the poke'go. The way it appers its great. Plz add weather effects lightings nights Strom snowy etc head lights to ships, Reload animations, ship colour paint jobs decals, Worth it!

Could you fix the guild rivalry page. After battles when people go to check the quests etc. it does not pull up. Have to exit game and restart. Happens a lot and gets frustrating. Other than that it's a very good game Recommend

Bear with me here. How about introducing a pulse that stuns? A yellow item, radius 5, 1 slot point and stun duration probably shorter than the Tesla stun in the respective training level. OR! have the fixers pulse gain the ability (training maybe) to stun enemies for like 1-2sec. Same duration as when a Tesla shield is forcefully taken down. (not so sure about the second one, but the first seems good) Works great

I love this game and the fact that all the pictures of the game above aren't hyped up. They are the real game. The game is good and I love being able to select my weapons I'm still figuring the system out completely but it's great overall. The only thing I might ask for is a slightly better tutorial Surprisingly

Yessssss new update is cool.I have one year with this game but i dont have any legendary wepon why rovio?Plz give me some legendary piece.I need 3 red piece Flawless

This is an amazing, addictive, gripping game and is currently the ONLY game that I play. The only improvement I would suggest is to base the infamy on the players individual performance rather than the whole team and allow 5 man fleets. Apart from that it's absolutely awesome. Rovio do it better than anyone else. Simple a that. I've added this addendum after reading some of the reviews. Why Are people complaining about the matching system. Its based on your infamy, not the tier of your ship. If you win battles it goes up, you lose it goes down. If your good enough to have a high infamy rating then you should be able to beat higher tier ships of the same infamy. Kapisch? I Have no problem destroying tier 5 ships with my tier 4. Update: guysb change the rivalry back to infamy based matching I'm working like a dog for zero reward. Fantastic

Man what have u done !! Now after loading screen my game direct quit. !! Problem Problem ..!! I can't play 5 star

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