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This is a great app for kids! I am Magicfox AJ on youtube and I am doing a live stream review over this app! Our company has said that this app may be one of the best apps for children! We are giving it 5 stars! Cool

It is adorable and really cute! It also comes with a calculator which I think is nice. Great!

ITS SO CUTE! You wont regret downloading this! Its so kawaii and very helpful app Enjoy it!

I love it because Its very useful and fun to play with mochipanda P.s ILOVE PANDA Perfect

I love the mochimochi panda i can't wait to get my new phone and have enough space to get the stickers to! Highly Recommend.

I love this. I'm so glad that they updated it because I already had all the widgets Fantastic

This was the best app that ive had it has such a cute design and it has also a cute calculator,flashlight and a taskkill that is super cute. Download this app for panda lovers like me it is super cute.. Pretty good

Totally different from other battery apps. Developer deserves full five stars. But what about battery temperature?. You need a mobile with at least 3GB RAM. Works great

I am a new android user and was looking for a task killer when I stumbled on this... I about lost it I love pandas! This has been a great app and so useful with so many different functions. Totally brightens up my home screen... Highly Recommend.

Really adorable! I wish it would give you a battery percentage instead of a "4" or "2". But it's easy to use and cute!! Marvelous

So adorable! Winning unlockable batteries is fun with the capsules, even though the original is stillbmy favorite! Its a really cute way to peek at my battery life and a great addition to my kawaii theme! Ads aren't even that bad/annoying. Not bad

This is super useful, and the taskkill makes my tablet much faster. I love the pandas too! The cute design makes me not care if there are ads or not. Now we just need Mochipan antivirus.…..... Perfect

Um the question is how do you save power by the app?I mean it is cute but how or is it by tapping on the panda thing been help how Highly Recommend.

Its cool but if you try the flashlight thingy its not working but i really like this app Great job

Adorable and sooo kawaii! I love waking up to see it's cute Lil face. Who needs a boyfriend when you have pandas? Cool

It's so cute and there are so many panda ideas to choose from. I really like it Highly Recommend.

It's so cute !!!!!!!!! Works perfectly

IT'S SO CUTE AND ADORABLE this app is amazing the designs are awesome!!!!!❤❤❤ Works perfectly

This is so adorable. And it's cute and weird that the big panda eats the small pandas. wow lol

Amazing and cute, shows what your power is. Comes with flashlight, calculator, etc. Great!

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