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It does what I need to know. I am not a smart tech person. Barely know how to use this phone. I am in my late 70s and haven't learned all the fancy phone technologies. So don't know how to truely rate the battery thingy. Just wow

I've used this app since my first android devices (Galaxy Y) until my Galaxy S7 & now this app become my "essential tools" for every android device I have & this method also followed by my cousin. But there's one things left, there isn't backup option for monitored data, that feature is very useful since I often do Factory Reset :D Omg

Have had this app on all my phone's. Pleaaase make an option to stop the app from showing when I plug in to charge, it's extremely annoying, and I've used so much data from plugging my phone in and this app popping up stopping my downloads!!!????..... And if you could have the % numbers without the notification this would be the best app ever. I had to get a new % app just because of the stupid notification on all the time, but I really liked were the numbers are on this app... I'll 5 star when these two are fixed... Awesome

Good app. Works fine. No crashes. Does what it's supposed to do. Did not need to try any other battery app. In use for 2 years as of 1/2018 Cool

Great app. Wish there was more configurability for the charts. It's nice to look at voltage changes etc... Surprisingly

I used to love this widget. I still do but for some reason it no longer allows me to see how long since last charge. It resets itself periodically. LG G2 Just wow

Looks great and monitors battery usage well. So far so good as it monitors how much power I use each day so I know where and when it is draining faster than normal. Enjoy it!

The charts and graphs are more than 1 even thought I would use but I love them now Awesome

It gives me all the power info I want and need to plan app usage. It works for me. Worth a go!

Still can't predict how long it will take to fully charge my battery after over two months of use. Hmm... perhaps I need a different battery app. Enjoy it!

It's a fantastic app I have given 4 stars now because there is still improvement needed. Work on these points:- 1) Include Screen-ON time on statistics. 2) Improve UI, it can be lot better. 3) Include monthly stats as well. All the best! Nice Effort! :) Amazing!

Everything about this app is outstanding except for 3 things. (1)Have an option where the fuel gauge can be placed horizontal instead of only vertical. (2)Have it when the warning sounds can be individually selected from your storage instead of just using your main sound for texts and program to notify you at various points of battery status. (3)Add more color and design options for fuel gauge. Fulfill these requests and I can assure you that this will be the ultimate battery monitor widget in the play store. People will definitely want to install this on their device. Fantastic

Cool, but it could have more options to configure. Like an option only to show the number of charge on the taskbar without notification. However I believe that it's not possible in Android. 5 star

Good desktop widget, good charts. Lost a star because the setting to put battery temperature in the status bar is broke (it always shows battery percentage). Must have

While the base app is great on its own, I think the exclusion of other features makes it feel a bit lacking. Works great

It shows how hot a hot Moto Z Force Droid battery gets. It is very accurate. My phone was 115 degrees F. That's what the app and a non contact thermometer said. Enjoy it!

It"s a Good App Like It a Lot Don't Like All The Ads But That's With All Free App's Though ...Lol Surprisingly

Best app, easy to use and detailed. Thank God for for leading me to it as I had tried others and didn't like them. wow lol

Good app! Little bit more customisable features would make it perfect (e.g. Because I like Fuel Widget then it would be nice to customize one mirror image for another measurement). Worth a go!

Excellent interface and easy to navigate. If there was a way to store the charts ot track for extended time, days weeks, then 5 stars Well done!!

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