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Add some features like battery fully charged notification , battery usage by each app , etc . Otherwise app is good . Just wow

Not the same as ios version.. I dont care about cleaning memory... just tell memy battery heath.. also you get adds to.install dfndr which is a spyware app. Amazing!

Oh my gosh it usually takes my phone 2 hours to get to 36% now it took 30 minutes i am impressed Go well

Good. Very useful. I have installed in Motog5 plus. It works very well. In IOS devices in the same app we have 'Wear level' to show the condition of the battery in percentage. It is mentioned that when the wear level exceeds 10% it is a matter of concern . But in Android devices in the same app we do not get such a facility. Go well

Ok at best. Somethings work, somethings do not like the network check and the optimization, close app, reopen and supposedly have to optimize again. Cool

Awesome! I used to have like 4 or 3 apps with al this functions at once but now I just need one to do all this! Surprisingly

I would give it a 5 stars for the older version.. but ever since the recent updates.. the ads are just too many and at timez quite annoying Just wow

An app week made, very detailed and nice user interface. A shout out to the developer!!! Muito bom!

this is more like it I don't know if this is made by the same developer that made a similar app for iOS, but I had been using that week for a couple of years. We needed something similar for Android and this looks like it Worth it!

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