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It is a good game but sometimes the pointer slips out of the hand when you stretch it too much. So please improve controls Worth it!

Whenver the ball is far and to shoot it i m takung my hand to the extreame corner its showing drag here and i am not able to shoot Awesome

I think its okk kk game........ Muito bom!

there are some thing wrong in this game. I done nothing new score but after finish play there came "new". I can't understand why this work came. Please inform as fast as you can. After all this this game is so interesting. Works perfectly

Great little game to pass the time with, not stressfull etc just a fun game you have to increase your skill with to keep going, would definately recommend and like most games now this one isn't bombarded with ads, well worth the 5 stars, well done Dev *****. love it

Good game but I am requesting to that please don't show any kind of add again. I think that it's not a basketball game but it's like a add game. After every level they show a add that's why it's an add game Worth a go!

Best ever when i had it a long while back it was not updated No its beter than ever Good

I love this game so much!!!! It is so addictive and you can see you too scores and your worst scores. And if your struggling it will help you find the right place and you dont even have to pay for that. You also do special tasks that you did not know abiur if you do a certain thing. It also tells you your percent ad if you went up or down from the last. You can also unlock special balls to shoot with like soccer balls, tennis balls, and just cool looking ones. Works perfectly

You don't have to be a "gamer" to enjoy this game. It does take skill but it can be fun any level player. Works perfectly

I find this game very interesting Good

It's a nice game, graphics good everything about it is good and it's a lot of fun Not bad

I played this game in childhood on my old mobile which was gingerbread and was not support many other after I got new phone I forgot about its memory and now due to prince Chandra I came to know about it again thank u Recommend

It's addictive but still has the same bugs it had when I played it 3 years ago. It will swish through the net and not credit it as a clean shot and it will move the aim slightly when you release. Just wow

Improve the balls Try adding for example, a ball with fire. A ball with black smoke, water... U know what i mean, with elemental auras or something Go well

This is a very good game but the bad thing is if you lost any level you have to start level again Great!

Totally understand that. However your advertising just needs to be implemented better...less annoying, less intrusive. Right now I don't even like playing due to how ads are delivered. ********* 5 star app before the super annoying, random video ads that you can't skip. The embedded rotating ads at the bottom left of each court are totally tolerable. As good as the game is I'd gladly pay for an ad-less version. Brilliant

I have this game on my fire no ads (free) on my phone commercial in the loading, everything you change balls & every 3rd round.along with a Costa ad @ the bottom. Furthermore game annoying ads Fabulous!

I THINK THE BEST GAME ......If you search "Basketball" there are many games but this the one that YOU WANT..!!! Brilliant

CHANGE OF REVIEW: FULL 5 STARS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thank you MiniCard, the game works fine again :) I'm so glad it's back & I hope to see new features soon! I have some ideas which will improve this game , can I email it to you developers if you're open to suggestions? Let me know ok? Perfect

Asomeeeeeeeeeeee and if Nintendo if your read -ing this I'll happily accept a copy of Mario kart or s platoon 2 or Mario odyssey I did my good deeds (I bought the switch ) Good

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