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Accurate, simple to use, very small app size and best of all REALLY FREE WITH NO ADS OR IN APP PURCHASE. Some other dial styles would be great but not essential. Pretty good

Nice app very accurate easy to calabrate but I wish he would update and add another needle you could adjust to show how much the pressue dropped in a day Marvelous

Very simple but very good! And it's free. One suggestion, if possible to show both digital altitude AND digital pressure in the same time. Brilliant

Simple Clean interface. No frills. No special permissions. Auto calibration would be nice. Works perfectly

Nice, maybe have adjustable update time, more dials (like an hour and minute hand) Great job

It is spot on. Very accurate. I think it is dependent on the quality of the barometer in your phone. I have an LG G4. Perfect!

Highly accurate pressure measurement, but not for the altitude, no matter how many times we calibrate it. Cool

Still testing Can't calibrate my altitude. The app only allows a couple hundred feet adjustment. So far, altitude is useless. Amazing!

Thanks!! I have been drooling over buying a Sheraton banjo barometer but the price!! Now I can check for storms as long as my battery is charged, even if I can't get to a website that has the hPa for my location. Took minutes to calibrate and it would have gone quicker except that I had to look around the web to find out what the abbreviations mean. So now I have digits in addition to hearing the blue jays scream or the woodpeckers drum or chatter, both of which are also signs of a storm on the way. Fabulous!

Wonderful clean tool Calibration was straight forward and very clean. Sent email to see if altitude range could be adjusted to a lower scale. Overall, no ads and simple. love it

Well designed but incorrect conversion Easy to read and well designed. I've used it for pitot-static calibration. The inHg reading however is off by about 0.03 inHg, which may sound small but is actually about 30ft of altitude. Probably too much rounding of the conversion factor. Surprisingly

Nice clean app, the plural of "feet" is "feet" I know English is super weird, but the plural is the same as the singular form of the word "feet" and I think you should leave it, but if you do make an update maybe change that one thing. But still a cool app! Recommend

What does it d?o Got this dial. But it does nothing far as I can see. No instructions or help and their website is useless. HELP Worth a go!

Good job it shows accurate readings. I had tried it will actual barometer in high seas Just wow

It's a fine app, but having the app to take continues input from the sensor might make it really good. Moreover, you can make some themes aye! Enjoy it!

Pretty good Just as advertised. Altitude and pressure readings. Simple and effective. For five stars, it's gonna have to look nice, like material design nice. Not bad

Ok The app analog meter is limited to 13000 feet however the digital meter gives reading beyond it. Otherwise the app is good and gives you correct reading provided the meter is calibrated. wow lol

Nexus 5 I could have sworn this worked on my Nexus 5 when I first got it. Now this app (and others like it) tell me that I have no sensor. Marvelous

Good app for barometer, but I needed to calibrate the altitude farther than the calibration scale would allow. Works perfectly

Very nice. Clean and simple. I was able to see the change in car pressure with fresh air input. Galaxy s5 Pretty good

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