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I like the app but searching for food can be hit or miss. You type in your food and often times it brings up items not even close to what was typed in. Using the bar code usually takes doing it twice before finding what you are looking for. Omg

Great app! Some parts are easy to use, some parts are a little trickier. I find myself backtracking a lot to find exactly what I'm looking for. But all in all great app and very useful. Perfect

Takes some time to learn all of the features, but once you do it's a really easy and convenient app to use to track calories and weight loss. Superb!

This app has been extremely helpful since having surgery...especially tracking my water intake. Recommend

It is easy to use and has great reminders. The only this I wish was you could manually track walking steps instead of using an electronic step counter that attaches to app. Fabulous!

My dietitian told me about this app because I didn't like writing everything down and now I don't have to because I can use my phone so I love it Works great

Very useful and easy to use tracker. Database does not include Australian goods - but otherwise awesome.. Fantastic

Has helped to track all the things I need. It is broken down so easy and love it. Brilliant

Starting my weight loss journey is not easy and finding an app like this makes those hard struggles I deal with like water intake a little easier. Fabulous!

Helps me to be aware of what is going down and any food habits that may be keeping me from achieving my goals Must have

This has been a life saving app. It's so easy to use and keeps me motivated and on track. Great job

This is the best food tracking app I have found and I have recommended it to many non-surgery friends. Pros: 1. Intuitive home screen with easy access to logging food and water intake, protein goals, weight and inches lost, and BMI. 2. This is my favorite food log of any app because of completeness and accuracy of the database, ease of finding and logging food, and listing net carbs by default (a paid feature on other apps). 3. Lots of surgery-specific tools including timers for eating and drinking, reminders for protein shakes and vitamins, and a pre-surgery checklist. 4. Connectivity to smart devices and social media. Improvements to be made: 1. I would really like to see an online user interface in addition to the app, especially for inputting recipes. There is a "My Recipes" tool but I find it easier to use another app's website and transfer the numbers here. 2. Increased customization, especially the ability to rearrange or change tiles on the home screen. Overall, I love and absolutely recommend this app to everyone. I understand if the improvements I listed are too intensive for a free app, but I would definitely pay if these were premium features. Works great

I like all the options as well as the knowledge base and links for help. I wish it had a way to and info for my recipes without me having to figure it out. Enjoy it!

This is the best app it keeps track of your meals, weight, water and exercise. I had a gastric sleeve surgery and this app has help me stay on track. Flawless

This app is great so I can make sure to keep my protein high, carbs low, and water intake where it's supposed to be. Omg

The app is great for keeping track of protien and fluids. But would be great if there was more food in the search. Superb!

I love this app. It's very helpful and has a lot of features that make you journey easier. Perfect

So far I have really enjoy using this app it has come in handy with my weight loss program. Marvelous

Great app! Lots of helpful ways to monitor your progress. Definitely download for was newbies! Not bad

Just starting out with tbe app. But it is proving to be as much part of the journey as the surgery . Cool

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