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Great for use in my geocaching hobby. Would love some advanced options that let me extract metadata from codes particularly qr codes, or the ability to see the code with each data block color encoded, or highlighting of errors within the code Brilliant

Uses camera in background while looking at items/history. Unless I am actively scanning. The app should not be using the camera. Recommend

I just downloaded this, but the 2 barcodes I tried came right up. I had given up on bar code readers, but tried this one since it's a Google product. I have been very pleased with all the other Google apps I've used and his one is no exception!!! I look forward to trying it on QR codes. 10 stars so far.☺️ Pretty good

Powerful barcode scanner. Was having trouble reading the very tiny numbers on an item no matter how I magnify the lens or squint. So I just downloaded this app and zapp, it scanned and displayed the elusive number. Kudos team for a great product Surprisingly

Most efficient QR code reader. I have tried others but I always end up reinstalling this. Has a good history function and is ultra light on battery usage. Works perfectly

The best app in the category. It extracts most of the details associated with the code, which most of the other apps fail to do. Well done!!

Why can't you scan in "Portrait" mode? It's fiddly trying to turn the camera around to scan something Surprisingly

Fast, Clear, Simple Does what you need it to do, with no hassle. Just aim it, hold it steady, and wait. Results in less than a second. Two thumbs up! Perfect!

Had for years add my first & only reliable scanner, but it has failed to work for months now so I'm dropping & finding one that actually does something Works perfectly

Does what is says on the packet! Thank f-. If folks read the pre-amble to this app then if u have a problem it's usually because of human error, fact! Really fast and handy app in searching for the cheapest and readily available out there. It make perfect sense to those for it to link up to your personal settings and interests. It's a social facility! Great job

I never leave reviews simply because many apps May indeed do what they say they do however the frustrations associated with free apps seemingly leaves one with very little and nothing at all nice to say. That is just how things are. We accept that the word free no longer encompasses any integrity in truth. In fact with each new generation free has become to mean something entirely different. This app is rare in that it abides by the truth in it's design original designations. It works very well that is entirely free thank you for this app Go well

It is a good scanner it does not even have a menu and takes you direct to the scan screen in short it is good Perfect

Works well, but please allow horizontally viewing. Awkward to use if you're using one hand. S7/7.0 Works perfectly

This is not a shopping app - it is a simple, good app that scans barcodes. No ads. For product barcodes, it searches the product number on Google, by default. If Google doesn't find the number, too bad. You can share the numeric code it finds with other apps, such as Librarything - scan all your books and add them to your LT collection. I've used it at work to scan hardware serial numbers and email them to myself. Worth it!

I am looking for barcode scanner that can read "ISSN barcodes", which used for periodicals. There one barcode, plus a smaller barcode next to it. Good

To be honest the app should have a better name like the old name it had Red laser scanner plus could do with easyer scanning of barcodes and product pictures so you know what your looking for but hayho does the job Superb!

This is the one to rule them all. Thanks for keeping it free from spamware all these years. You guys rock! Works perfectly

Works well, but please allow horizontally viewing. Awkward to use if you're using one hand. S7/7.0 Omg

Best no-nonsense barcode scanner in existence! It has no ads and scans nearly instantly under a wide range of angles and light conditions. It doesn't even have a menu - it just takes you straight to the scanning screen, then provides an option to share the barcode's contents. love it

This software tool is awesome! Not only can it tell you what the item you scanned is but gives you suggestions of where to look for items similar and whether the item you have scanned is genuine and popular. love it

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