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It was nice at first but now it's really terrible because at first it worked I played it 10 times but know it's not even open it just open then error comes please fix the problem then I will give you 5 Muito bom!

It doesn't let me play a game Im only playing the dreambook section.And when i press the games button,It goes to a website ASSETS........I don't know why.But when i played on my Playmate's IPad,this game really works nice.I want this problem to be fixed please!!!!And if this problem fixed,i will edit this feedback to ★★★★★!I promise. Pretty good

It doesn't let me download a movie! It's nice but I can't download videos. What is this not available in my country! If this problem would not have been there I would have given it five stars. Great job

Sj using MLs e address ) ...Love it:) Video app...not a game app Its an app with three or more sections split into the Life in the Dreamshouse shorts, 2)trailers , music and bloopers for many past movies and 3)some new stuff. I love it! And they do regularly add the new stuff. For free..its a large database of great Barbie entertainment. Some of it is adds but they are all Barbie products so i think its fun to watch. Thanks Barbie people:) btw..i have wifi at home and everything opened up right away and plays fine...havent tried the game yet...just movies... Awesome

Loved it I think so only stupids and the people who don't know how to play and enjoy say this if anybody says you to uninstall don't listen just say you are stupid should download its AWESOME! Brilliant

I always wanted to be a secret agent I love this game because I always wanted to be a secret agent in style. This game really suits me Just wow

Good app Love it :1. I love love love love love love love love love love love barbie, and her everything .2.we can watch video and. 3. I am speech less Great!

Lover of this game Its soooo fun i always liked barbie except the fact that on chapter 3 episode 15 she lost her kin!!!!! Like she lost her kin. Come on Barbie think Good

Reet pawar Not so good video s are not working nicely please don't download grew beter I will give more stars... Awesome

Barbie life It's okay but it could be better! I am trying too figure out how to use it. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense 5 star

STOP HURTING THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Barbie life is not really a game.It i just the website but just converted into an app.

Stop hating because u are hurting my fellings and others fellings Haters stop hating because u are hurting my fellings and others fellings and if they love barbie you are hurting them even more if you hate it or think it sukes keep it to yourself and another reason you should stop hating is because what if someone comments and say I hate it or it sucks and someone looks I the comments and they love barbie and they started to cry like barbie is my bmfb that means best mystery finding besty the point is is that ya'll should stop hating ok

Stop hating this game!!!!!! This game is just right, why are you hating this game ? Why do you always hated games ? Anyway this game is amazing its perfect too and thank you for making this game I hope its so special to me ,Barbie is my fav thank you very much for this game.And haters stop hating games, you now what? When you haters always hated games that people love the games you haters are hurting their feelings and you can't show to people that to hate games, you now what haters? Because of all your hatings your making the people who make games a hard working do'snt that feel wrong too? All the game lovers are right too, here is the lesson haters DO NOT MAKE THE PEOPLE WHO DO ANYTHING YOU WANT HARD understand my lesson? Ok I loved this game very much I am exited to use it. PS when the game put you on google the game is on google and if your wondering why the game put you on google read this and you'll know why (downloaders please download this game for free and please rate this a 4 or 5 for the 5 say what you want to say and is there is something wrong put but on it and say what is wrong on it same as the 4 ok?).

Wow so much fashion I love this game and if you like fashion you definitely like this game and I'm really interested in fashion that is one of the many reasons why I like this game ♥♥♥

Haters and lovers Its OK ish everybody has their own opinion if u like it Or if you hate it I suggest download it and see what you think

Why? Always takes me to the Internet please fix it. I'm begging you . PLEASE FIX IT :(

Haters please stop hating! If you don't like this app just shut up your hell it is amaizing and if it dosen't work just fix up your stupid phones i used to not love barbie but when installed this app it changed my life and also if you keep on hating every thing you will let other people not to download every thing you hate.

Haters stop hating Hello haters you have to stop hating if you don't like this game it's your opinion that doesn't mean other people will not like the game this is a really good game and I think you should like it and download it it is amazing I love Barbie and all of her talents you should love her too she is like my bbff my best Barbie friend forever so bye haters I hope you change your mind about Barbie but if you don't please don't talk to me just download the game and get your phone fixed bye

People If u guys don't like it, it's better shut up cos that ur opinion it is awesome. If u don't like it u can hit ur head on a million walls who cares u r d only one who will die

Amazing This app is amazing so amazing that i cant leave it i just love barbie and all her talents haters stop hating this because your encouraging other people not to download this very amazing app

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