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So fun!!!!! This game is so Entertaining I'm going to explode! My favorite is the sticker one! Highly Recommend.

Fun but please fix the probloms This is a fun game but when I wont to download a movie it said the game has stopped please try again Great!

Amazing I first played this on the internet and then was absased with it . I am so happy that there is app Pretty good

Loooove it im 7 years old and i watch tv in my car i love barbie the saddest one when. Kens cousin was trying to like barbie i love ken dolls so much i hate his cousin show off Well done!!

Baby I'm sorry but it's still available to help you find out how much you love me. Noah is the girl who was just wondering where you guys were just got home from a variety show in Texas.babe. Well done!!

Dear Mattel.. OMG!! This game is nice, but everytime I wanted too download movies. I cant downloaded it. Fantastic

Dear Mattel Its awesome but when ever I want to read a story or dowmload it says that it is not available in my country. Thats not good but other wise the app is awesome :) Recommend

Fabulous This app is amazing because here I can watch my favorite Barbie life in the dreamhouse and also I can watch movies of Barbie, and one of the most nice thing is there is Barbie doll demo it helped me because I have Barbie glitter hair doll and I watched its demo and now I know how to use it. Very nice app. Loved it. Works perfectly

Wow what a cool app We play online games in this app and there are too much things too do also like making a page and playing awesome games Works great

The only thing you can do is watch videos you cannot play the game but the videos are interesting I like the videos the only problem is you cannot play the game love it

Best I had a tab and there were some games now I did install this game in my moms mobile and I played it whole time even if I felt toilet I did not go and I did not touch my tab to play other games so cool and then the last thing I want to say I love it. Not bad

Lovely The graphics are wonderful,now I am in spy squad academy(level.)I wonder which will be the other amazing levels,but never forget the mind - blowing videos and also I have drawn the freebies in my scrapbook :- Terasa,Nikki,Barbie,Skipper,Stacie,Chelsea,K-en,Ryan,Taffy,Tawny and the Kitten.I love Barbie,Skipper,Stacie and Ken. Perfect

I love barbie life it is awasoum b a r b i e Videos are funny and aweasome Must have

I love it It is a very fabulous game of course very interesting too . Love this game veryyyyy much as I love barbie goood game I love it Flawless

When barbie showed up on my screen..... my 38 year old son(daughter, shes transitioning) nearly had a heart attack from joy. I myself was particularly aroused. As for the game its self. it sucked and not in the good way. But overall would purchase again due to the titillating experience when i first opened it. wow lol

Doesnt work at all from now all the games I have played of barbie is Terrible 5 star

It's OK I know barbie is so cute and all and also that her latest movie barbie spy squad went a hit but guys just understand it's killing internet money and the videos will take a lifetime to load my mom actually never allowed me to download barbie games because they were in app purchases and when I finally got a chance to have this game free it shows up as a dumb silly game absolutely rubbish...... DON'T DOWNLOAD Highly Recommend.

It's very useful game because i know how to play should press spy squad academy and wait and then you will find it Superb!

It's awsome You get to watch any barbie videos new or old and klips of new movies that come or are coming out Surprisingly

I loved it because there was so much to do in it. And it was like no other that I played of barbie. Omg

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