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It is a nice game for small chidrens but not good for 10 or 12 year old children.I also liked a thing in this game that it does'nt takes time in loading love it

Is very good game when I see that game I say is very good and it's be very good HaHaHaaa Good

It is very good game but every time the puzzle pieces turned and I can not complete the puzzle other ways best game in the world Worth a go!

I love the game when I first had it I didn't know how to control barbie on the starlight game and now I'm on level 8 it's the best game evvvvvveeeeeerrrrrr thanks mattel Worth it!

Beeeeest Barbie game eveeer Guys you muuuuust download this game its so cool barbie vlogs in reals so many other gun stufff this game totally rocks looooooved it i am a huuuuuge faaan of Barbie YAY. A huge thanks to Mattel for making this Worth a go!

Awesome I loved it a lot. It let's me play games and watch all movies. Sometimes it's a bit irritating when it says no internet connection when i have connection to the internet but i don't mind it that much. I like this app a lot. It's my favorite app of all. Flawless

It's a nice game. But when I play an add pops in between. I liked this game very much. Superb!

Stupid Why I downloaded this 30 mins ago and only at 3% this is STUPID why why why why!!!! Highly Recommend.

I'm big fan of barbie She is so and Wen I make photo of Barbie everybody tell me how do you make I tell Barbie life Amazing!

Cool I just saw the video and I like it very much. I am a fan of Barbie.i f I have any disturbance I will see Barbie only I like it very much Just wow

Excuse me?! How can that be??!!!!??!!!!!! Barbie is...!! No ! Wait! There would be a mistake! Barbie is 17 year old , right?!? Because a doll and movie is not same thing. Barbie doll was created in 1959 , but movies were released in 2000 right?! She must be 17 ! And she had so much careers because she is a super model and for doing the shoots she joined that much careers . she looks more younger then my cousin. And barbie is a doll, not human. So She must be 17. She is not 50! Stupid people who makes barbie old. Go well

The update is not good Loved the app before the update...u could watch all the videos related to barbie and also barbie life in the dreamhouse it was totally awsome ....but after the update NO VIDEOS!!!!only 4 videos. ...plźzzzzzzzz fix it and will give 5 stars Muito bom!

Not so good I like the game but this new game not so good you know if you would bring the old game back I will give five stars to you. The old game let's us to watch many many many videos and let us keep the wallpaper of our mobile phone in characters of Barbie life in the dreamhouse like Barbie, skipper, Stacie, Chelsea, Raquell, Ken, etc. But this new game does not give us to do much things, so please bring the old game back please, please, please, please, please. Enjoy it!

Love it I love it so much u can paint u can do art and craft u can have frinds over u can play games i just love it who mad this game i hope u looking ate thise beacause this is a good game and i didnt now that barbie was seventeen wow thats good for her Marvelous

My barbie my life I love you barbie a lot I like this a lot to but my barbie is not a toy. She give life to every single girl. If the girls are small or big before marriage they can be anything there dream. It is prove by Barbie anything is possible. My barbie full name is Barbara Millicent Barbie Roberts. Bye..... Worth it!

Loved it before Miss old version there was all life in the dream house clips. More fun games and u loved it know its not really fun Just wow

Love it! The game is awesome , but I dont love the new one. Can you bring the old barbie life game , please? Cool

OK It always seems to be slow and I want to play on it. I like it but it's so slow. Pretty good

Cannot watch barbie life in the dreamhouse Before the update there was barbie life in the dream house after the update there is none of the episodes love it

CRAZEE BARBIE!!!! I'm 10 years old and I love BARBIE!! ;) I'm a big fan of Barbie and I have Barbie dolls at home!! This is a good app!!! ;) Awesome

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