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Please keep in this app barbie in steakhouse season's and all episode's and also all movies song all not only latest Great job

I have downloaded it and it's pretty good. I deleted it and I downloaded it again but it's not working. Please improve . I'll give it a few more times otherwise if it doesn't work then I'm deleting it. Worth a go!

this game is ugly becuse we need storage this game is ugly because we need storage pls dont play this game if you like too Enjoy it!

Fun and cute, but I don't like when I try to watch videos, and they keep freezing!! It's so annoying! Fantastic

I download this game but it is not working, Go well

When i downloded this app I fort it will be crap but i playd it and i was imazed Cool

I played this game many times but I thought this video game hero version would be better,But it doesn't loads fast like the other versions Great job

The update is great exempt the first update when there was no longer in videos barbie life in the dreamhouse Muito bom!

I like this game a lot Me and my friends enjoy this game very much Pls s put the full videos but I loveeeeeeee this appppppp love it

OMG! Best game ever but sometimes it has some glitches but still I loved it GO BARBIE GO! KEEP IT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!

Its good. But...... the internet games can be made to download while we download the game . It takes more MB to play it. So make it to download fully Surprisingly

My children don't study because they want to play this game I will let them play this game on Saturday and Sundays however this game is nice .it is very , very nice . In this game we feel that we are Barbie . love it

It's nice but it do not work properly because when we open game it opens but if phone switch off so it do not work. love it

This game is very nice Not bad

I am 9 and this game is cool but I wish you could add more things and I am not a small child Mohd! 5 star

I love this game because it has videos puzzles and coloring pages and it keeps me busy Awesome

its very very very good and amazing game. my best game is barbie best job ever but barbie life is my no: 1 game. barbie life's star light adventure, puzzle surprise and you can be anything photo booth is my very very very very favorite game. I love this game.✌ Brilliant

Its so amazing , beautiful gorgeous game I ever played .....its so cooooool....I love barbie so muchhhhhhhh......thanks for developer of this game.....thank u so much...its graphics are so good....I loved it so muchh Marvelous

This is the best game ever there no locked things I don't have to by any thing and I could see every thing about Barbie Marvelous

Best game eveeeeeeer I like it guy's download this game now thanks for making this game Perfect!

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