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I liked this game very much but when I opened kept loading and loading for one hour. I was very very angry and disappointed Good

Its a nice app but I think there should be more games and not so many adds , also it keeps hanging Cool

I think it is great but to slow and videos are not available without WiFi but except that is the best game ever Pretty good

Well whoever said it was bad try it now it works well it took a little tobload then froze a little then worked! Its works now guys it works for me i like it i give it 3 ⭐! I like it its good wow lol

juz keep making awesome games like this... juz loved the games contained in it... keep it up mattel.... juz dont listen to the negative comments go on with the positive side... once again ty for this superd mind blowing game! Must have

I LOVE It I love it so badly that I can't stop wow lol

You guys that stuff happens because you guy's wifi IS BAD it specifically said wifi use only but good wifi Enjoy it!

I love this game too much. You should also download this game. We can watch videos also. We can be a spy agent. It is a fun game. Perfect!

The best game I've seen all barbies movies and I have all of her dolls and puppies to and I have her sister 5 star

I love it and I love watching Barbie videos,there is awesome games and so much fun games and things to do. 5 star

Amazing and I think I'm the only one who put five stars on here so I think it's really amazing really amazing actually really Fabulous!

I will rate it 5 stars but after some time my game is not opening after that I loved your game Good

I am 7year old it was showing no internet connection but the connection was thier Great job

i know that it is a good because when i download it a couple of months ago it was massive but now there is a white colour......... Awesome

It's not the best game that I play Enjoy it!

It's a good game but it takes much time to download. And deepchand you are looking fakheerchand Fantastic

Only some of the game starts and when I click any other game it just shows white screen I an very very angry please fix this problem or I will unistall this app Flawless

It is really niice now i love it Thank You Enjoy it!

My granddaughter LOVES this. She always downloads barbie apps and videos, this is great . I suggest more games tho :) Omg

In the first it told me to turn on the internet but i ts already turned on so i turn it off then turn it on again then hured to go to the game then when i found it i cliked it then it starts loading then i could play i gave it five stars v-good game thanks barbie team! Works great

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