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I'm download it 2times. In first time I was excited to see this game but I open it will not play. Muito bom!

It's Ok but when I want to play it off line it dose not work.This game is Pretty good

It is best ....... but the things are located ...........and we don't unlock it. .......with coins. ........ and cooommming ssoooooon are not come sooooon Fabulous!

Awesome Okay, long story short. I got this game and then deleted it. Got it again and deleted it again. This time I am hoping it won't glitch on me. Fabulous!

I agree with you unicorn paridise land because it didn't not ask for Wi-Fi Superb!

I love this game cause it is like me doing things in the game. It can work proporly it did not ask for wifi connection and did not have black screen it is fun so try it. Highly Recommend.

It is the wortest game i have playe .it took me 1day for me to install it. Is is so stupid.there are only 2 things which are pointless Works great

Make less stuff locked and add more careers.pleaseeee I can't do much caus it's all's some app ideas,make an app where you can watch all the Barbie movies.and make it to where you can download the movies to watch offline for like 6.00 mb make it for free and do it for monster high too or both of them.pls and ty.☺☺ Worth it!

Nice nice ...... nice ....nice ......nice Surprisingly

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It's amazing but when you've done it before you just do the same thing over and over and over and over and over again. I think it's amazing but there is only 2 things to do!!!??? Fantastic

It glitched out and wouldn't let me play so I really don't know if I like it or not Go well

All u wrong I hate what u peoples riteing u are poops mean PPP who are writing about this wow lol

I love thus game but every cakes are not make some beautiful n creative cakes are locked love it

Ok... I Thought this game was gonna be fun to play with the PetVet n Stuff but how am i supposed to play if it wont even finish loading?! Its taking forever to load the bakery n petvet n whenever it reaches the end, it comes all the way back to the START!! I cant even Play the Game! Pretty good

It's lots of fun and really gives the message you can he whatever you want to be no matter what Works great

In the game you have to treat the good the pets treat them like family and you can clean Works great

Guy's stop fighting or else the game will be removed So stop it there are Lovers of this game Cool

It's a very nice game ,my daughter liked it the most and now it is her favourite game in the mobile phone ...!!!! Great!

Disha you are right it is waste of time in this game and boring game there is no fun in this game I hate this game do not download this game Superb!

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