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With Bagh-Bakri (Tiger-Goat) Mod APK, you can free to purchase any items in the Bagh-Bakri (Tiger-Goat) APK. Bagh-Bakri (Tiger-Goat) is developed by Braingen Apps. You are downloading Bagh-Bakri (Tiger-Goat) Mod APK 2.1 for free. This is the popular two players strategy board game in the rural India, Nepal and Bangladesh. It is known as "Bagh Bakri" in Hindi, "Bagh Chal" in Nepal, "Sher Bakar" in Punjab, "Bagha Chheli" in Orissa (Odisha), "Bagh Bondi" in West Bengal and Bangladesh, "Adu Puli Aatam" in Tamil Nadu, "Adu Huli" in Karnataka. Here tigers try to kill goats and goats try to block tigers.

Rules of the game
1. It is a 2 player game. One player has to play as the tiger and other one should play as the goat. When you play alone, the device is the other player.

2. There are 4 tigers placed on the board. As the levels progress, the number of goats may or may not be reduced. There are 25 places on the board, where the tigers and goats can be placed. The goats and tigers can only move along the lines of the board.

3. At the start of the game, 4 tigers are placed at the four corners of the board. Then 4 goats will be placed by the player playing as the goat at any of the empty places on the board. After that the tiger's and goat's turn will come alternately.

4. A goat can be placed at an empty place by dragging it from the goat shed at the right bottom corner of the board. Goats should be placed on the board until all the goats in the goat shed are exhausted. The number of remaining goats in the goat shed is displayed inside the goat shed. After the goats are exhausted, they can be moved from one place to other on the board.

5. Tigers have to be moved from one place to another on the board during its turn.

6. At a time, only 1 entity (either tiger or goat) can be moved.

7. A tiger can move to an adjacent empty place. It can kill a goat by jumping over it, if there is an empty space after the same goat in a straight line. The tiger will be placed at that empty place after killing the goat. A tiger cannot jump over another tiger. When a goat is killed, it goes the tiger's mouth at the right upper corner of the board and the number of goats killed by the tiger is displayed there.

8. If there are purple lines on the board, a tiger can't kill a goat along those lines.

9. A goat can only move to an adjacent empty place. It leaves the board once killed. It cannot jump over any tiger or goat.

10. The tiger wins if it kills 5 goats. The goat wins if all four of the tigers can't move to any place.

Game Modes
In this application, one can play in Single Player Mode, where one player will be the person playing it and the other player will be the device. In this mode, one can play as Tiger or Goat.

If two people want to play the game physically, Two Players Mode should be selected, where one player has to play as tiger and the other player has to play as goat.

On the first screen of this application, there are three buttons ‘Play as tiger', ‘Play as Goat' and ‘Two Players Mode'. First two are for single player mode and third one is the two player mode.


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