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Notification never works. Missed talking to a lot of people. Not a dependable app Brilliant

Would like if they could limit the distance so I do not like someone from Sweden Works perfectly

It is a great app how ever the daily swipes should refresh at 12 am everyday or the app should inform how long left to be able to start swiping again. Other tban that Fabulous!

I feel this app has become less useful over the last year. The "distance filter" only works when using the "globe" icon to see people that might be near you but not within the side-swipe area. Seeing profiles for men that are 1200 miles away does me no good. I should be able to filter the distance there as well. It's pointless to spend time swiping through profiles of people I will never meet. Fabulous!

Why my account is always getting blocked for no reason? I just started chatting and im blocked alrdy? Wth! Highly Recommend.

Full of fake people... Nothing serious... Maybe 5% are there for real... Good luck Must have

Badoo is not good application because he's not come connect to the Wi-Fi OR the data all others application is connecting but badoo is not Worth a go!

You have to greatly reduce data usage. It chews on bytes worse than a regular on money! Marvelous

Please badoo is closing me, and if i do payment you guys will reduced my money and i will not see anything. Even my massages I can't see anything why? Enjoy it!

Trust the site. Efficient. User friendly. Perks and incentives aren't enough to make me want to spend money though. Worth it!

For now as a new user of badoo. It's a very nice one where you meet people. Love it more because you choose ages you want to chat with Superb!

Nice layout and easy to use..lots of people on there. Has been an improvement from the HotorNot website! Worth a go!

Lot of profiles look fake and nobody replies even after they are matched.. You have to pay for almost everything so it's not free to use. Worth it!

It doesn't let you set the area for people that's suggested for you. I live in Tennessee and am getting people from Cali to New York. It's really obnoxious. Must have

This app is literally the exact same app as hot or not, i have messages from my old hot or not on here so I downloaded hot or not and they are the same exact app. Highly Recommend.

Fake app, it is too fast in blocking their users it the second time blocking me while i did nothing Good

It keeps crashing and making me make new accounts so now if lost like the perfect guy Marvelous

You said the app is free so I got a notification that somebody likes me and I can't see them unless I pay what's up with that??? If won't "activate super powers " I can't see who liked me??? Marvelous

So far it's lived up to what people said it dose, and no so far I haven't ran into fake people, and fake accounts. Thumbs up to this point. Superb!

This app changed. I don't like it as much. I wish I can see who's online now from my list of conversations without having to click on every one. Muito bom!

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