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I shows me more people from a bunch of other states far away then anyone that lives close. I live in tn and im getting more texas people and California...kinda have no reason to talk to someone thats all the way out there Not bad

I really enjoyed this app. I however needed a break from the app and deleted it. Once I installed it again and put in my account details, it did not want to load. I tried signing in again but it said my account is already in use. I tried the "forgot password" method and that too did not work. Super sad about it Pretty good

There is something wrong when someone likes me and I check it I don't see any pics they don't load when I click on it well Well done!!

This would be a good app if you could set a distance range and they could weed out the fake profiles. Surprisingly

Don't know why it says I've been getting messages since 2015 the day I signed up. Also I already had premium but never paid for it before. I checked my Google account and it says I'm not paying for it so thanks for the free premium I guess? Omg

Good app, I love the verification process which allows you to have a good handle on who's real and who's a catfish, my biggest issue is that you can't filter people to within a certain radius or even by city. Brilliant

Badoo is great... But I rather the old version... This version I can't see all of the pictures .. it cuts the pictures off 5 star

Only kust downloaded seems pretty good however im having an issue where i cant see any users photos including my own could you look into this im using a samsung galaxy s6 thanks Works perfectly

This app is pretty good for teens. It's a simple design but I do think it could use some added features like a distance filter or a match system like OkCupid does Great!

This is one of the great dating app .but there is no friends till now.And even I can't see friends near me. Cool

Great site even though I've never met anyone in 13 years use that's not the apps fault women are just too fussy the app itself is good Marvelous

I love the fact that u can see who visited you, who youve crossed paths with and when theyve been online. As for the distance.. you cant just create new users for you to swipe at close people, so obviously it gets further and further. One thing i dislike is the fact that most girl ask guys to send em a message when it all depends on their likes. The app should let girls know they need to like the guys before they can send a message. Ive had a few likes but girls in my cities are way too picky. Oh and the fake profiles get annoying. Verified by fb... had 0 friends on it. Photo verification should be mandatory. Well done!!

Iv yet too chat with a guy that's wants anything more than 1 nite stands that's if you can keep there attention long enough, cause if ur not on too talk sleazy or flash your body parts, you don't see them for dust, its a dating app, but a 1 nite stand dating app, guys ask what is it am looking for on badoo & its got too point I don't even say now as the minute you say I'm looking to date 1 guy & see how it goes, there offski, haha Superb!

New update caused filters to stop working. Was fixed with previous update but I can see it again. Basically, when filtering by status (online) you scroll down and you see over and over again previous people, so it's annoying seeing those same profiles again (even while filtered by status) ... Additionally, it would be great if you could add more filtering options and not only those two fixed options (Status, Age) let's forget about location. I know that it exists as well. I would like to have more filtering options. For example : Filter by Have Children and some other needed filters. Please, take this feedback in a good way. I am one of tons of users who would like to have more filters to be more specific when using the app. Overall, app is great but that lack of filtering options is not a good thing and offers a bad experience most times. Thanks :) Omg

This site has gone downhill since I joined x can't even see the pictures of anyone apart from the encounters x love it

Не хватает поиска в сообщениях. Забавно, что в веб версии он есть. Recommend

OMG what happened in the last update. I can't access swiping left or right. The whole screen just shakes violently. And is now unavailable :-( Worth it!

This site is quiet all right but today they activate Badoo Premium once I checked it. So I'm really fed up with it already. Can't even cancel it! Great job

This app gives you a lot more control over who you meet than tinder or the other apps I've tried. I highly recommend giving it a shot! Edit: I met my girlfriend on this app about 8 months ago, thanks Badoo!! Enjoy it!

I pefer badoo over tinder. Less creepy guys looking for one thing. You can swipe just like tinder or look at an over view of people you can choose from. It also allows you to look at a profile before accepting a new message. Which is nice. However kind of complicated to use still trying to figure out a couple of things. They have sections from who liked you, who visited, you messaged you and it's all over whelming when you first start. The people are also not from my area they range from other states to somewhat close by. Kind of sad because I liked a few people. But don't let that be the reason why you don't try this app. Free sign up. You can favorite people so you know who your talking to. I say give it a try before making a judgement. Cool

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