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The game is great, but it needs a level maker, customizations to the pigs (hats, clothes, etc.) multiplayer racing mode, and a completely sandbox mode, not just a big level with a big area to build. Also, it would be kinda fun to have the pug get out and walk in special levels that have a goal of earning new pieces for your vehicles. Sorry, I do this kind of thing in every game I write a review for. Just wow

I love this game alot but the reason that this dosnt get a 4-5 rating is due to the ads. I find it BS that you give us an OPTION to watch ADS but still give us ads every few times we replay,choose,or leave a level. I bet your saying *but player,just turn the damn wifi off you dum dum* well we players have to keep it on for the loot chest and that right is just plain stupid. Plz stop sending ad's while giving choices to watch some for stuff because that is just stupid. If you stoo with the ad's I will erase this and give it a 5 star with no commentary. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a delightful day. Muito bom!

There are some major bugs in this game! The Facebook cloud does not work, because on an old device, I unlocked and beat every level and now it has reset it self completely. And the gates in the Road to El Porkrado levels are broken! They are off from where they supposed to be attached, making some levels impossible! And just today, every thing turned into an unplayable pink rectangle, making it fully impossible to play at all! Rovio, I beg of you to fix this! I love this game, but it is severly bugged! Great!

Since the crazy contraptions update, some El porkado levels and some sandbox stages have been unplayable. The flip switchs in El porkado are broken. And the spring coils tend to stretch to far or break very easily. the glue power-up does not glue perfectly anymore. Can you please fix these Works great

Fun game. Especially when you're bored. But there are way to many ads and the "road to el porkrado" level pack is not working properly when it comes to the switches Awesome

The game and level desgins promote and foster a great degree of creastive thinking. With very unique mechanics and obstacles that actually require thought and consideration when building. It has great art, along with many bonus levels and content. Fun game overall but level experiences do wildly vary sometimes. From simple to extremely difficult, sometimes you win by mer luck and not strategy. Along with all that I don't know if anyone else experienced this but the levers on lvl6 were buggy and never worked. All in all good game to play. Surprisingly

Well i wrote this when i was like 11 and this games still great minus the insane advertising bc rovios out of money. Really fun. I like this game. Put lonely pig in a wooden box. Homeless piggy. Must have

FIX THE ROAD TO EL PORKADO I swear this is frustrating to the point of unplayable. No, those levels ARE unplayable. They cannot be done with this platform glitch at all. Also, sometimes in sandbox mode when I click the tick it disappears when it hits the ground. Occasional and not as game breaking or frustrating as the moving platforms not working but still Not bad

I'd give it 5 stars but the button system in road to El porkado doesn't work it makes the bridges not do its actual job. So can you pleas fix it 5 star

Please add more items, more space to build and more of each item (like the hacks), and MAYBE being able to edit the terrain/ground and ceiling. Also there's a problem about the skins for items, if I "have no internet" I can't use them, I can't scroll through and it won't work unless I have internet. Maybe you need internet for that but I don't know, if so fix this thx that would make the game more fun With all these additions/fixes. EDIT: plz also add accounts where any progress you make or things unlock automatically goes on both devices so if it works on my tablet which it doesn't (says can't download) I can play it on there. Double edit: skins work without internet for the first time and the game already has a synchronizing/cloud feature EDIT: Gimme my sci-fi/ alien motor back (super fast one) Worth a go!

Its a good game but my only problem is on my tablet i had the field of dreams but now i dont if u add google progress Saver i will rate 5 stars Worth it!

This is the worst frickin game to ever exist in this world! GOD! IT MUST BE REMOVED! Oh wait. It's not opposite day anymore. Ohhhwup Just wow

I had this on my tablet and loved it although on this phone i press the play button and nothing happens rovio can u pls fix this oh and ive heard that other people had the same thing happening and el pokardo is impossible! Works perfectly

While this game is great, it's made my phone crash and totally reboot. When I got back in the game after rebooting, my progress was gone. I'm not knocking on the gameplay or anything, but it's just that I 3-starred almost every level, and now those 3 stars are gone. Superb!

This for me came in second best game. My cousin and could not stop playing it, I would say it needs more levels Recommend

I loved this game but fix one thing for me,The cake race. The thing is that I always lose I'm not angry but please fix the score and also the kings favourite thing I use it -19% of my score ok but if you do that then I will love rovio. :) Recommend

Could you fix the door bugs? They keep glitching to the point where I can't do a level or sandbox. Awesome

I like (no) love it and it's better to get for me because my cousin is coming to my house, their name is Ela (said like Ala) Cool

My sandbox Items disapeared after I saved my account to the cloud storage. please fix this problem Just wow

One person hates this thing Heck no! everyone likes it who ever hates it sucks Like my Review if you agree Cool

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