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Great game , really engaging and relaxing. I found a bug however, when I played the undo last move contact , my other contact changed. Specifically, it changed from the place a 2 block anywhere on the map to the make a 1 block into a 2 block. If that is any help, that was the same move I was using in my previous game in that spot (happened in the first spot) Worth it!

Watch out! This game is so addictive that you will be missing subway stops or even your flight if you're not careful. It's weird at the start, but when you get the hang of it, you will have to combine puzzle solving with strategy to survive to the ever changing board. One wrong move and you're done! Very challenging and fun! Must have

I won the higher score in classic!!! This is so addictive, it challenges your brain and helps you to create strategies. I would recommend it. Sometimes the tutorial can be hard to understand, but just watch it again if necessary. Well done!!

Too easy. I beat the game after a couple of tries. I reached the point where I'd never lose because I figured out the strategy to keep it from growing in complexity. I'm at 7440 pts now and it's just as easy now as it was early on. *SPOILER ALERT* Follow these tips and you'll never lose. Keep the numbers as small as possible. Don't use a large number than necessary. Keep the larger numbers on the edges so you can fit more between them if you must use them. Once your number gets up to 6 or 7, be extremely conservative on using them and always use the minus number block on them. Pretty good

I love this developer. I spent hours on mine sweeper and whatever that mouse game was, and this is almost like playing them backwards. A few bits are confusing, but give it a minute or the, and it all makes sense. I expect this game will make me late for something in the near future... Must have

Took me by surprise. At first, it looks like just another tile shift-and-combine game, like 2048. But this is much deeper. My top score is hovering around 2000 now, but I wonder how much farther you can go. At least as far as I've gotten now, 20 or so games in, the strategy is non trivial. Not bad

The game crashed in the middle of the tutorial. Because of that, I have to figure out the game play through trial and error since the tutorial is no longer available. It would be helpful to keep the tutorial in the first game. Pretty good

It can be annoying when it randomly starts giving a ton of square to destroy. But besides that, it's a great time passer. Very interesting. 5 star

Enjoyable puzzle More enjoyable than 2048, with touch of Chinese checkers bundled in an economics theme.. I would say very well executed and very enjoyable.. Nice sounds too.. Recommend

Excellent Love this game! It's simple and addictive. Embrace your inner capitalist, you know you want to! Cool

As far as controls, gameplay, and graphics go, it isn't really trying to break any records. Its a great time killer with a good strategy element. I wish the competitors didn't show up quite so often though. Worth a go!

Good puzzle game. A little weird at first to understand but once you do the game becomes increasingly fun and challening. Doesnt get boring unlike other arcade puzzle games 5 star

Simple yet compelling Fun puzzle game once you understand the concept. Love this developer - no ads or spyware or permissions a game shouldn't need, just optional content if you want to support them. Muito bom!

Cool Great concept and execition. But the balance really sucks, the enemy will come pretty fast at one point. You will lose because of them, not because bad gameplay. Need improvents. Recommend

Another winner from Sirnic! Vaguely reminiscent of 2048, but with a completely different gameplay and unique power-ups that challenge you to think further ahead. A lot of fun! Perfect!

Amazing puzzle game Bad banker is a very clever and enjoyable puzzle game. The theme is well thought out for a 2048esque game, and the strategy is challenging. Definitely love this company!! Awesome

So i enjoyed Atomas so much i had to check "Other Games", now I'm a BAD BANKER. Takes a bit to understand, but once you do, you're hooked! Great job

Make me think as I play to spend the time. It sucks tho when I couldn't past my own record, like why so hard Muito bom!

Interesting theme and well designed Takes time to start and grasp the rules, but once you are done with the tutorial it becomes really interesting. Highly recommended for those who like strategy games like 2048. Fantastic

Good puzzles I like this game. It's fun to develop a working strategy and have the rug pulled from under you. This game is also good at teaching you to pay attention to everything on the screen. Recommend

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