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Lots of fun. But the open chest window always glitches every single time. Gotta close and reopen app to use Awesome

HAH there is nothing i dont like about the game! Ignore the 1* rate, that from the older version.. for people with phone problem.. go buy new phone, urs just too old for some good game. Perfect!

Why this game make my phone heating so fast, its only 100mb game, i play Mobile legends but not heating fast as this game Cool

Really fun game to play! More people seriously need to discover this game. Thank you Devs! Keep up the wicked work! Will support you guys! Not bad

Please fix the bug problem. Whenever i play in the mid game suddenly the game pause/hang and then its crash and force me to exit. Plus please add more time on the gameplay turn, its too short for me to move every heroes. And lastly please add more heroes/cards so the game will be more enjoyable. Thank you and hope your authority will fix and consider my suggestions Fabulous!

Good game but I uninstalled because of new permissions. There is no need to know my bookmarks or browsing history. Worth a go!

Cool but thisbgame is Dead Theres no peaple online i think im the only 1 playing i join in queue and 1hour+ No peaple so thats bad Update fhis game add more heroes make it famous its great Not bad

Neat experiment that somehow works. Matches are tight and tense and there's a lot of room for personal skill and tactical thinking. I highly recommend this game! wow lol

1.Should be able to buy cards with gold 2.More Mercs 3.Friends list 4.2v2 Mode 5.4v4 Clan battles or sum like that 6.Different Arena for the ranks 7. Chating system Just some improvements that would put this game over the top i love this game its amazing Brilliant

Fun game. quick matches, nothing too strategical. My only gripe with the game is the timer on chests. Makes you only want to play a game once a day. Omg

ITS Great but.. Everytime i receive a chest it will close the game and pls fix it and pls add more Mercenarys Works perfectly

Kick me I love this game so much. But sometimes force close while in menu or in game. Pls fix it. My phone lg g4 stylus Not bad

Awesome I love this game. I addicted. It has an unique n ez gameplay, no need long game. Awesome, u fix it. I ll rate 5*. Ty Well done!!

One problem I found this bug and you cant really report bugs in this game and ypu have no twitter so i cant sent the pic there either wow lol

Awesome I love this game. I addicted. It has an unique n ez gameplay, no need long game. But it crashed when the red side's "core" destroyed. Pls fix it :) Great!

Novel and tactical Pretty unusual game which manages to be both quick and tactical. It's not a full-on MOBA but it's a good variant for the mobile format. Surprisingly

Great game hard at first but extremely fun,in my opinion best moba for android and extremely innovative gameplay well done and thank you creators Worth it!

Simple awesome tactical When playing MOBA games on mobile phone, you want to play something that simple and don't take too much time, yet still challenging and competitive. This game has it all! Love it! Brilliant

This game is really fun a must try for Moba fans but need to either add a way to get gems for watching ads or lower time to open chest then will give 5 stars Not bad

This is it bois It takes an impressively good or impressively bad game for me to take the time to write a review on Google Play. BAClash is impressively good. I come to BAClash as a veteran of LoL, HotS, and Smite, and this game is deeply satisfying in very much the same way. It takes less than a minute to learn everything you need to know, but offers enough depth that you'll constantly be scratching your head over which positions/runes/team compositions to use. Matches usually take five minutes or less. Top game, m808s. Superb!

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