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Perfect for what I need! This app does exactly what it promises. I can very easily make palettes and other things have transparency so I can have it by an art piece without having a giant white box around it. It's also great for creating watermarks! Only problem, I think, is it doesn't turn or zoom in as far as I'd like. But that's a very minor problem as it works perfectly anyways! Thank you! Superb!

If you used auto target and move it around the right places you want your background it is extremely fast I'm very impressed I just wish I could purchase a pro version you're always freaking ads! so many ads and it actually halts your phone while you're using it when the ads load. if you're in the middle of editing it can hold your phone and make you mess up to where you have to press the undo buttons from time to time. if it's free it's still worth it Perfect

I was at first skeptical of this app, but it exceeded all of my expectations for a paid software appliance, let alone a free app. The different modes and settings are designed near perfectly, to a great degree of customizability, to carry out their purpose. Couldn't recommend enough. Omg

It's below 2MB package app for my budget phone (J2 Prime), but still have great features! But one thing I want to say to the developer, please don't developing this app for updates exceeded of 5MB! I give you 5 STARS! Surprisingly

Love it, simple yet all the tools. Even a repair option? The zoom is good to! Zooms in quite a lot, easier to notice small things. The background can be changed to be darker so you can see things you missed with the white, there's a repair in case you messed up. Undo and redo option, a selection option to choose what stays and what doesnt, magic wand to quickly delete backgrounds with common colors. And soft edge finisher! Marvelous

This app removes the background of pictures for you for photo editing & photo art. The controls take a little bit of practise for you to get familiar with them, (there are instructions, but I am a 'do & learn' person). There is a back button if you go terribly wrong, but it doesn't really matter as you still have your original photo in your gallery anyway. The automatic removal tool is really quite impressive, it is sensitive to the slider for removing the same parts of colour. The manual repair & remove takes a bit of mastering, especially as it is offset, but that gives you an advantage, I use another well known app & their cut out thing is straight underneath, the offset helps you achieve clearer lines & a better cut out. Adverts are not too bad, had much worse & well worth this handy little app, well done to the developers. Omg

Great, handy little app...I love it to make my own stock icons that are sometimes missing from launcher themes. Could do without the useless pop-up ad commercials though! Arent the banners enough? Nevertheless the pop-ups are limited so they are tolerable. Worth the download! love it

TOO MANY ADS. I would pay a dollar or 2 to end the ads. So much work to do and every single time I get through one, I have another video ad. PLEASE OFFER THIS IN AD-FREE VERSION. ITS ANNOYING! Im trying to work. Well done!!

Great App, just a few suggestions... I recently was cropping out a perfect circle in a photo and this is very difficult due to the fact that one must use their finger. Now, this obviously is not the apps fault. To make things like this easier, I think it would be awesome if the app had a circle template you could place over a circle so you can erase around it without erasing the circular object. I also think the app could have a ruler template that allows you to erase everything around it without erasing under it, in order to erase straight. Perfect!

Easy to use. Need more improvement. Need to Zoom more on the photo than what it those now. It will make much easier to erase much closer to the edge. Add to save in Ping or Jpeg options buttons. Add a Max Resolution, or a High Resolution or a Transparent Buttons. Needs to save the photos in great quality, and not reduce it. not showing blurred or lines Awesome

If you're looking to remove the background from an image there's simply no better app out their. This app is simple and straight forward while being extremely efficient. It does exactly what it promises, nothing more nothing less. I end up using this app more than any of my other (five) photo editing apps and in 2+ years it's never let me down. (Bonus Points for having the least obtrusive ads I've seen in an app.) Flawless

Works great & is easy to use. I use it to make basketball art to share on social media, for example. It can be time consuming, but "cutting out" players from action shots has never been easier. Lightweight & effective- WORKS SEAMLESSLY WITH THE PICSART APP. Must have

Not user friendly at all Im pretty savvy with this stuff but this app is very difficult to figure out how to get rid of the background. Everyone seems to think this is an awesome app. So maybe im missing something. However, it should be a little more user friendly. Please make this more simple. Just wow

The app is great to render a section of an image, an object, person, etc out. Its very simple and I love the fact the brush scales down with the zoom so that you can easily make fine adjustments. To the developer: Please fix this next part. HOWEVER, I spent about 20 minutes perfecting my render only to accidentally click a button that says "Finish!" Instead of saving it and I lost the render. I suggest changing "finish" to "close" or something like that. I assumed it was going to let me save it when I hit finish. Superb!

Ive used photoshop for well over 15-20years and this app in auto mode is perfect for mimicking the magic wand tool for knocking out for/backgrounds and even single colour selections on an Android phone 5 star

Its really help full for cutting out the back ground and making transparent pics. Its a simple tool that's easy to explain how to use, sure it might be a little time consuming, but they are all like that Recommend

Great App! Really great pic editing app. Soon got the hang of it! People keep on about the auto erase taking off too much or not enough?....there is an adjustable bar....slide that up or down to erase the required's hardly rocket science! There's nothing wrong with the app..just the users by the sounds of it. Omg

Great tool No One App can be better then this, for Erasing the back ground. This is really beautiful app, i used it, its very easy. Erasing tools are very beautiful, awesome, works very smoothly even. I am wonder at its smoothness, great App for work. I am give 5 Star, and i Appreciate the the designer for his splendid hard work, but colour choice should be added,when erasing back ground. Thanks making easy Work for us. Fantastic

"ERASER" Photo cut out background easer that's fantabulus! Your creative juices will flow like crazy. You can import your "cutout" easypeesy. "Smooth edges" element makes cutouts "picture perfect" (a great improvement). I am having much fun! You will be hooked & soooooo pleased you tried it......♡♡♡ Surprisingly

It is a good editing but it should be crop option at a onetime pic not erase side and side many times it will take long time for editing and feel dificult also. Well done!!

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