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Great backgammon It's a great game. The only complaints I have is that the computer opponent has far more double rolls then me and when we have doubles, you don't get another role. Great!

Hard mode impossible The hard mode dices alwayz favor the cpu ; it alwayz gets a higher dice total , more doubles and alwayz the right number for taking your single....not enjoyable Recommend

I would consider this the most user friendly of any of the I've found in the play store. I like the ease and simplicity of many aspects of this backgammon however I would like to see some improvements in board and checker options as well as opening up the ability to chat with opponents. Surprisingly

Great game Have tried lots of backgammon games but this is by far the best. I only play against the computer and all rolls seem fair to me. Marvelous

It's been great playing again, after so many years. This app make it all possible, l love it. Worth a go!

Better than most of the online backgammon games. It's smart and realistic. Just the blurry front screen is a bit off putting, hurts the eyes a bit Perfect!

Love it Addicted. Love the challenge! Wish you could play against people vs. a computer. Fabulous!

looking positive I like to play online. When the oponent leaves the game I win, nothing wrong with that. But when I get an advertisement in the middle of a game it cuts my game off and I can not go back to my adversary. This might look on his side as if I left the match, when in fact I did not désire to leave. When I go to the leader page. I see little exagonal shapes beside each person's names, some are blue, some purple, green... with numbers in them. I have a 3 as now. I started with a 1. That number means what? Omg

Good game......the odd add but it got stuck at the end of a game and just kept replaying the last rolls. Brilliant

Not Fair Playing the computer is no fun. The compurt always rolls the numbers needed to when. Go well

وجدونن خیری مالتون ارا ای بازی خوه Just wow

Backgammon mate Enjoy playing this game when bored but this game is always letting the opponent win with moves & rolling of the dice. Would give 5 stars if game wasn't cheating. wow lol

Friend games not working properly otherwise nice app The friend games are having some bugs when u want to get it started. We were sitting next to each other and it took us 5-10 mins to get it started. I locked my screen because we wanted a small break, I was kicked off the game and afterwards we couldn't manage at all to have another online game together again. Annoying. But the game itself works fine. Had some nice AI-matches. Recommend

About this app... This app skips and cheats and is a waste of time & patience. There are other backgammon games--play there not this piece of......... Highly Recommend.

Good multiplayer but lucky machine ;) To avoid controversy with the machine being too lucky, add die rolls historical data verification and allow manual die roll entry in single player game. Then it will be perfect. Hope to see these improvements soon. Worth it!

okay no doubling cube, multiplayer mode has allot of quitters, if their ranking is under 2000, you can be sure they'll leave as soon as you get ahead. Would be better to have names,vs. numbers for opponents. Oh yeah, Add a Doubling Cube! love it

Great app! A great app for the game . instant online multiplayer and good animations. Would need a better looking board and a feature to prevent you from screwing up your last move 5 star

Great! Like it alot, looks like my moms real board. I beat the computer alot! Would like options for different colors though. Superb!

wow really I love the game its a little touchy and it makes me bad when I can't go back .I feel like lit cheats sometimes.. But all in all its very fun. Not bad

Computer roles perfect The computer is so lopsided with the roles in this game that it is unbelievable. Probably the worst games with ai that I have ever played Surprisingly

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