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Love it Just wow

Love it 5 star

Poopy head face on poopy I love you I hate you I love Ppsspp poopy face poopy face poopy doo poopy head I just need to sleep I just made I just made it Works perfectly

Awesome It is better than the other ga me which I downloaded before . Much more better!!!!!! Not bad

I like it It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun in the whole entire world that God made for us kids to play on and little babies too so we are not the only one that plays this game anyway Works great

Baby twins terrible to It's fun but 4 are locked and I really wanted to play all of them I can play 3 Enjoy it!

I hate the fact that's in app purchase because it's a great game and people need to experience all of that greatness Amazing!

Good I would have given 5 stars but is there any other way I can just unlock everything without giving money?? Great!

I like it It's good but like only 4 locked and 3 of them are unlocked and I really wanted to play all of them but yeah. Amazing!

Like it It is good but 4 are locked and i wish it was Open and play all of them but only 3 are unlocked Worth a go!

Great game It is very fun to play with my sister and she's always trying to hack in my tablet just to play this game. The sad part that if you want to play all of the games, you have to pay !!!! So not fare, am I right!! Worth it!

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