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I love it The Nanny is funny and the babby's are cute Brilliant

Stupid haters All the jerk haters just hate the game beacude of the look or anything else PEOPLE YOUR HEARTING PEOPLE HOW whould you like it id they did that to you! You whould be sad or mad THATS HOW THEY FEEL THEY TAKE LONG TIME MAKING GAMES AND SOMEPEOPLE JUST HATE IT!!! Must have

So many pop ups My six year old sister named mckenzie lost interest in her favorite game this one because of the pop-ups Just wow

OK OK TYPES ! I did give it five stars but it was OK OK not so good also you can also try . Most of the things are locked. only 3 things are unlock and this is a game of class 1st and 2nd . Works perfectly

Comment I like how like it show that that don't get along but I don't like that some other categories are lock and u have to keep playing a category that u have already played Surprisingly

Too messy It's a good game but there are too many messy utter then that good god who ever built this game. ps reduce the messy Great!

I love the game I love the game it is getting like you to take care of your twins at the same time Omg

Love it Muito bom!

Love it Cool

Love it Perfect

Love it Awesome

Love it Enjoy it!

Love it Pretty good

Love it Go well

Love it Amazing!

Love it Not bad

Love it Worth a go!

Love it Enjoy it!

Love it Brilliant

Love it Great job

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