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Awesome Wen i saw this gme on my cousins tab I immediately downloaded it, I think this is the bst baby game eva, Recommend

It really good!!!!! All of the other apps you have to buy but this one you don't its FREE and it is soooooo much fun!!!! Cool

Not bad U tried but put more fun activities and do not write for parents but any age but otherwise it is a nice game 5 star

Aww wwww I wish they had a thousands star rate this is so cute I love it but add just one thing more games :3 Worth it!

Bad Baby Giselle Hi and thanks again for all of my fans and I wish you a Marry Christmas and a Happy New year and a Happy Holidays. wow lol

It,s awsome it,s actually like having twins and I know what that's like my twin brother and sister did the same thing 5 star

No lock I love this game verry much , no lock but all tabtale its lock this game verry verry funnnn i like it very muchh love it

THANK YOU SO MUCH..... Thank you guys so much it's the best baby twin app EVER. Every Activity is unlocked unlike other apps like Baby Boss Highly Recommend.

Great The app itself is very fun and great. If you could change their diapers, I would rate it 5 stars. Please add in diaper changing, great creators! Omg

Cuteeeee It's okey for kids my sister love this game but toooo much add she says it's my favourite game Marvelous

Love it so much! It looks soooo cute and fun! I wish I had twins they always cheer up even if they make a mess or fight........ THEY ARE STILL ADORIBLE! Flawless

Hate it The tweens are a handfull and the are so bad and the mom do not do enythang but take all the creadic ,sike ☆☆☆☆☆I love it sorry Just wow

Brittany Vasquez said that he is not good enough for the next few days before I go back to work Surprisingly

So cool It is amazing i never had a free Baby sitting game that every actives were all free Amazing!

Best gamee Why do you give silly comments if you don't like it don't install it Perfect!

Bad reviews Pplz it's for like toddlers jeez grow up Enjoy it!

Awesomw Best game download karne ke bad apko isse delete karna parega kyoki ap pure don game mwhi rahege Superb!

Interesting It's a great fun and interesting game. It's also funny, and the babies are very naughty Omg

Bought the full game and its prett6 good for the kids. I say worth it considering we pay for toys and what not. Keeps the kids entertained Perfect

The twins are so beautiful and their Mum is lovely. Choosing clothes for them is really fun. They remind me of the virtual Dolls. Great job

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