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It is about horrible twins they get on their parents nerves and do not listen and fight over everything and start drama Muito bom!

Usually from tabtale we need to buy the full version then now,this came up!its soooo veryyyy nice bec. It dont have ads! Great job

It was super fun to play with and the graphics was really good compared to other games Pretty good

I think if u wanna have to take care of something on Your phone this is the write app to get thanks u and your welcome so get this app write now free love it

I am in love with this game it's amazing ,and for all the haters,( you now that is people making these games Enjoy it!

I would of rated it five stars but the game stops at the end of an activity plz fix this. Enjoy it!

It is the wonderful game I have played in my life .please release more games like this Good

It's sooooooooooooooo good because you can learn stuff on it like taking care of babies Worth a go!

It has many add so please correct it but the game is fantastic , marvelous Must have

Thanks again and again for the way to get back in this game and I will have to get my hands on the same as the way to get back with you love it

terrible if you give it to the boy it gives it in the girl so many ads.terrible game I ever played.WORST GAME Fantastic

It has too many ads like omg then this game is pretty much made for toddlers bc it is so boring and you only have to the same thing over and over. I mean I love you don't have to pay for the activities but still would not recommend this sry not sry Omg

I just like it because all you have to do is help the babysitter that's all you have to do that's so easy to do that's why I just like it it's pretty much boring Awesome

It is always commanding means It is okay to conand at the first time but it is not Worth it!

I love it because it was so creative and it's not like all the other games Worth it!

Its good I l9ve babys so i downloaded,this app,because it is amazing i want yo,be,in,a,daycare working so i,am 8 years old Muito bom!

Amazing it's like doing the basics of having a real baby's in your house which is amazing!!! Perfect!

Average is it's ok (3 stars) cause the controls aren't that great and it sometime freezes. Highly Recommend.

It's the Best.. The twins are really handfull and its really give me a headache.. Must have

Love it It's cool I love it I wish I had a game like that but I just got Barbie games that I made yep I make video games you made them and make them better than me Surprisingly

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