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Just wow


I I think that I should play all the games that are that is free for this game that is baby tiddler Works perfectly

I wouldn't recommend it because it is kind of cringe but I shouldn't be talking because the babysit were cut but type mom made made me cringe so hard I just had to stop and uninstall this game Awesome

Cute babys can you please make a number two game wow lol

Haters should stop hating please encourage those who are so wise to make this this game my baby sister loved it Well done!!

It logs you out after a few minutes of gameplay. It wastes your time dont get it!!!!!! :( 5 star

Haters stop being mean to the creator beacase he or she did hard work making this game so stop! Superb!

Its nice. You can't make them grow. Way too many ads. Some are inappropriate and not important. Highly Recommend.

Loved it twins are really irritating but very cute I just tackfully handled them Perfect!

If you think this game is boring install a other one. I think it is cool and I really enjoy it! Perfect

Fantastic it coolest then all games in the world guys gust look at just mind blogging Omg

This game has no locked items. 5 star

I like the game but I have a few problems. When I go play Outdoors, each time I grab the shovel it won't do it. When I'm in the middle of playing, it stops working on me. Thank you Amazing!

This games is so nice my small sister play this game on three months plz download it Fantastic

I think the game is great but there is this thing when i want to chose another mode like cleaning there room or any other of them i always have to go off the game and swipe it up Fantastic

This game is so much fun it's like you have twins and u now know how to take care of them Go well

Hi I am Pragya rahini this game is so Nice . What is your name . Then this two babys are so nice Cool

A very beautiful wonderful exelent nice fabulous game so only I rated fully loved it Surprisingly

The game is ok but not great like oveasly gota,slitherio,mortal kombat is awesome wow lol

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