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Super nice ! It's super useful ! Suggestion for the future maybe: since i'm a newbie, i want to read also about the quantity or the number of spoons recommended for each meal for every age category and the number of meals recommended per day. I can read it somewhere else, true, but it would be cool to include it since you already have so many useful information. I recommended this app to my friends too. Fantastic

Awesome This app is very useful for me and I'll like if you add some more recipes! Thank you Fabulous!

Excellent, and easy app. The allowed ingredients feature is amazing . It do the functions mentioned in the description . wow lol

Best app of its kind! Yes, it may have a few issues. That being said, it is better than any of the other options and is the most thorough. Works perfectly

Great app!!! This is a great app. It helped me a lot as a first time mom preparing baby food. Especialy the guidelines on what and what not to give baby. Great app!!!

Great information Really good app as my daughter only 4 months and has really good ideas and tips and advice!

Relief My LO is 7 month old. At first he ate some solid food bt then started to refuse i was so tense that couldn't understand wht to do as he was nt liking anything than cerelac. But now after installing this app its a big big big relief.

Very informative Good for 1st time mother to explore variaties of food for our baby. The recipes are quick n easy to follow. Thumbs up

Thumbs up It's an excellent app for baby food and recipes but I prefer more explanation about age categories, what to give the baby and when. More info will definitely help. Keep up the good work.

The App that I recommend to every Mom It is a great app that helped me to understand and introduce food to my baby. It is even better than the doctor's advice. Love it

SO FAR SO GOOD So far this app is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I love that it gives you age groups and WONDERFUL recipes!!!!

nice help!!! help me to start with my dotter 1st food... ingredients help us with do n donts... as well for someone from country that english is 2nd language, the pictures in the ingredients part are really helpful.

Great app for babies I was looking for an app to help me with the food diversification of my baby boy, and this is a great tool that made my life easier.

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