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Yeah! It is good but some times i cant download these things because of our memory Great job

When you made the vid of this I was gonna download it because it said new game and when I saw that it wasn't on store yet I was trigger and fliped u off and next time u do did I will flip u off again I've Ben dying for dis Omg

It's a very nice game. ....but it should have more things to make and serve. .... 5 star

This game is too good....... I loved the game so much it is not a boring game..... Awesome

there are not a lot of food and we always repeat cooking them make every customer want another type of food but its ok 5 star

I liked this game but it strucking my device so I hate but also u have install it so!!!!! CUTE panda Brilliant

Lovely lovely game Worth a go!

من الان دارم نصبش میکنم ولی از نظر تصویری واقعا جالب هستش الان نصب شد خیلی خوبه ساعت ۱۵:۱۴ Perfect

Every baby bus game is for small kids Surprisingly

The best for kids !❤️my son love all the games of baby panda's..keep it up! Superb!

It is a good game kids so that they can learn .☕☕☕☕ Flawless

من عاشق این بازی هستم حتما دانلود کنید Fantastic

The baby panda cafe was so beautiful so i will going to earn some money and coins Enjoy it!

I really really love this game its my favourite game i ever play it is my dream to be a chef. Keep it up. Iwill gove it 100 stars Marvelous

It crashes when I order their food and drink. But I like how you get money and spend it. Great job, babybus. I will give you 5 stars if you make more food and fix this problem, thx. Marvelous

Great game this is the best game ever I played ohh yeah all of the baby bus games don't have any in app purchase!!! Yay Enjoy it!

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