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Nice game, russian translation could be better, game calls all these drinks, while ice cream is definitely not a drink. Recommend

Its awesome my mother my brother and me l love this game because panda are very cute Just wow

I love it so good l can't help Fantastic

It was awesome!Didn't care for the controls tho still really cute game for younger ones Marvelous

It is a very good game I think it's for kids the maker of this game plz make one game for teenagers thank you Flawless

This is so nice but to add more ice cream then this is best please do something. Surprisingly

Pretty good game....My lil bro plays it. And loooooooves it Fabulous!

This game is very nice looking fresh air and Nidhi Malve Mob is very nice looking handsome young man aged between the two years later the sun was shining star Brilliant

awesome game love it but i think you have to add something new no ice cream better flavours please do something Superb!

من تمام بازی های این پاندا رو دارم بازیش خیلی باحاله اما برای یک بار بقیه اش تکراری میشه Pretty good

I just love this I so proud that I am playing this game I do play many but this is my favorite. While I play this game I fell I am really doing or making the ice-cream, juice etc. Marvelous

The Gameplay Is Great For Small Children Like Toddlers!!! The Gameplay And Graphics To Me We're Well Done!!! Flawless

خوبه بدک نیست ولی بعد از بازی خسته کننده، می شه!. Perfect!

I have this on all my devices cause my 2 & 4 y old nephews LOVE it! It's a super cute, easy game. Thanks! Awesome

What do you want ice-cream or juice............. i think both because it's was yummy.. and the little panda is so cutie pie Enjoy it!

I really love this game it is so nice game thank you for making this game for us Great!

This game is very fun, but I recommend to have more than only 3 characters. And i suggest that you add more types of ice creams and smoothies, else it it will be boring because you are playing with the same characters, and the same kinds of ice cream and smoothies. Anyway, good game. Flawless

I loved it because of its dance and dance music my favourite is monkeys dance and it's music. Worth a go!

我觉得很有趣,可以 因为什么情况可以吃(ice-cream)什么可喝冷小水。这样可以教会小朋友不要在天气很冷喝或吃冷的东西。 5 star

Coolest cutest lovelyest perfect super duper cutest love this game.. my 2 daughters love babybusgames. babybusgames.... Worth it!

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