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Great great way for learning, 1 simple notr: if the transitions between and after finishing a question are a bit faster would be much better 5 star

Is way better than before, but is a little expensive considering all the free options out there Perfect!

Very impressed. It's actually teaching the logic behind verb conjugation. It teaches you, then you practice, then it tests you. Recommend

Edit- quick reply after this rating was done and error was fixed with the next update. Recent update made it impossible to successfully complete lessons without mistakes. When learning new words, the third part where one spells words with preselected letters is impossible to complete as capitalised letters for nouns are now required, but impossible to type. Feedback email was ignored, will update rating to 5 stars once fixed. Flawless

The app is good for learning German. Where it fails is in its use of Americanisms instead of British English. I suppose if you want to learn two languages that's alright. Great job

Love it! Great app!! Danke schön. Ich bin Felix and I approve this message )))))) Just wow

I used to use duolingo as my application for learning German, but I found Babbel! Although it does have a rather large price range, the payment is completely worth it. In 3 weeks I have already achieved more than ever with duolingo. So in my opinion, this is totally worth it. Highly Recommend.

After only 2 or 3 minutes of learning basic hello how are you's repeatedly you have to sign up to get access. Depending on package chosen it costs between £4.45 and £8.95 per month which is quite pricey so uninstalled app, my advice .. buy a book! Marvelous

It is very good for learning german I am a beginner and now I know alot more than a year in school . Great!

It is very helpful and is easy to use. I learned basic German in less than an 1hr. Highly recommend it Must have

I don't know how well it actually works because as it turns out after just 5 minutes is that it's quite expensive. Surprisingly

I have completed 5 lessons so far. I can't believe the pace at which I am learning. It is very engaging. Will update the review as I keep learning. Brilliant

I can't bear using this app after having tried others. Duolingo (not affiliated in any way) has a far better experience including; handling of typos, a chance to see and hear a word several times before you're asked to spell it, more repetition so word spelling, pronunciation, and recognition stick, bite sized lessons so beginners aren't overehelmed, very performant so that you can crank through lessons at a rapid rate if its too easy, etc. If you're looking for a formal, traditional German langauage education this app might be for you. Wasn't my style. Worth it!

Excellent. I like the flow and the way you can repeat tests and even go back and retake them. love it

Awesome app for learning a new language, it's like being in an actual classroom. Marvelous

Great exercises! I really like i have to type the answer. The only problem i have so far is a synchronization between browser and an app takes some time. wow lol

I like the process of repeating the words but in different ways it makes you take them in well Great job

I served in Germany and wish I had this app back then. I'm bad with languages or so I thought... Love this app. wow lol

Best language app I've used so far. Teaches the same lesson in several different ways so it sinks in much better. Progress updates well across different devices. Well done!!

when you've write with labels it's not allowed in capital letters, so it says its wrong spelled, please fix that Omg

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