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I would have given this 5 stars, except it does NOT know where you left off across multiple devices. The only time it has told me that I was at another position on another device is when I didn't have that audiobook on any other device. It might work between apple and apple, or Android and Android, I don't know. I do know it doesn't work between apple, Android, and windows. So, I've learned to listen to my books on only one device, and ignore any suggestions that I might be at a different place in that book. Perfect

I really like this app. Only had a few glitches where I had to close it and reopen it. 5 star

Nice reading app. I like the search function. Some time it had problems getting back to the last page bookmarked. wow lol

I love the fact that i don't need to have a book in my bag, with this app I can read everywhere :) Works perfectly

Lately doesn't open to book I was on anymore, says epub error but great otherwise Go well

It is easy to use and to find books but it often stops playing randomly and also it often does not start where you left often and can start 2 chapters behind ( or more) or a few minutes behind. It really gets annoying. Perfect

With Update 3.7.2 the blank page problem has been fixed. It is still slow to initialize, but at least usable now. love it

The new update kept just turning off in the middle of listening. A little frustrating to deal with. Otherwise I love the app Pretty good

Love it, except I will occasionally have issues when opening a book and it starts over at the beginning, not the chapter that I was listening to previously. Perfect!

great for audiobooks!! A little glitchier than audible sometimes, but access is free through my library so no complaints here. It's what the library of the future should be! Recommend

It's a great app because my library supplies free books. There are some features that could be a little tighter on the playback controls. Well done!!

It's great to be able to finish a book, and then pick a new one even in the middle of the night Not bad

Its a pretty good app but I would like to be able to see my history and recommend books. Great!

It's okay, but Overdrive is much better. I appreciate that on Overdrive, I can get Kindle versions of the books. On Axis 360, books can only be read on their own app. Also, I checked out the ePub version of a book. Big mistake. Now I can't open it and it has a long list of holds, so when I return it, I won't be able to check it out again. Don't think I'll be using this again. Brilliant

Appreciate being able to listen while doing tasks. Would like better consistency of being able to listen while on other apps. Seems to cut out often while apps are loading or in use. Updating to say a little frustrated with books on hold, some take forever even if I'm in the first slot. Overall, still enjoyable. love it

Would be great if books would load faster and give you a dictionary look up for words while you were reading. Superb!

3.5 if I could. The app is great for reading e-books from my local library. I think it's annoying that it feels like the books aren't optimized so it takes forever just to open the book back up to the page you were just on if the app was closed. I also wish there was a way to turn pages without the animation and I don't like how the bottom bar is white during night mode. I also wish you could go to the last page you were on by entering it in a search or something like that. Those are the little things that bring my rating of this app down imo. Overall it works and I think that's what matters. Fantastic

Love the ease in using this app. My local library switched to this and I couldn't be happier. Highly Recommend.

Great app, I just would like the option of renewing the loan from the library if I am not finished with the book when it comes due. Go well

It is a great app. No issues that I have come across. I just wish they had more selection of books. Good

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