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So far impressed. Having offline maps in the backcountry is amazing. Took a bit to figure out how to find the maps I was after, but I'm not going to hold it against the app. Well done!!

Many thanks to the developers! My favorite of many topo map options, even with the 3 map limit on the free version. It uses very little battery when not recording, loads quick, and doesn't have a hard time with zoom levels. Overzoom is a problem with many apps. I use Caltopo's website to generate the topos I need. You can do it either on your computer and transfer the file, or on your phone using the desktop version of the site. I really like that I can share the file to another phone in the field and they can read it too. That site has the best topos I've ever seen, with accurate trail locations and minute markers, plus options for gradient shading that make backcountry skiing easier to spot dangerous slope angle areas. Works great

I work as a Forest Ranger and my co-workers and I couldn't do the level of work and rescue we do without this. It has changed both our professional and personal lives. Superb!

I hike, run, and ride all over the place and often I can download a map in the avenza app that allows me to know exactly where i am on the planet. Love it! Highly Recommend.

Maybe it's just the free version but there are some issues. For example you have to load adjoining maps to keep a route going. The program will not load the next map. Maybe there is a way to do that. Also there are no directions on how to save a route, at least that I could find. wow lol

Great easy to use app. Make your own PDF maps if you have GIS software. Lots of free data out there too. Most federal forest maps are geo pdf's. Can take geo photos and notes on locations and photos. Recommend

Fantastic compliment to my physical maps. Very handy for plotting data and planning trips and on the ground decision making. Worth a go!

I like using maps as I like to go off the beaten path. Great detail on the maps I downloaded. Only reason for the 4 star rating is that the App has frozen up on me a few times. Perfect

Avenza has some incompatibilities with Android 7.1.1, giving error when scoring points. I use Avenza a lot at work, I would be grateful if the problem was solved! Thank you! Renan Matias Amazing!

Great, easy to use substitute for a GPS receiver while out in the woods. Wish the Android version had the same features the Apple version did. Fantastic

Good and very useful and very reliable tool for hikers. Just make sure you have enough extra battery in wilderness. Just wow

Great for hiking. Has 7' USGS topo maps available for download and offline use. All GPS enabled. Great!

Use it for hunting. Works great - drop a waypoint at the vehicle and any other interesting spots on the way. Great job

Wish the search function was a little more relevant. Also would like ability to import more without paying $30/yr. I'd pay money it's so nice to have though. I just don't like the idea of an actual subscription. Muito bom!

Incredible to know the exact spot where you are while riding atvs. With out data gps tells you exactly where you are. Love that you can add points of interest. We use mostly MVUM. Must have

Fantastic resource. We are using this app for our club membership on our x ski trails and has worked very well on all mobile platforms. Superb!

Over all this app has worked very well for me and I will continue to use it and it has actually replaced my handheld GPS. Pretty good

Really good App. I've tested it a few times in remote areas and works a treat. Maps in Australia are very reasonably priced. Enjoy it!

Incredibly useful for using Forest Service MVUMs and finding camp spots. Fantastic for all sorts of outdoor adventuring, however the search feature is clunky and it is super annoying that while searching and adding multiple maps, the focus automatically returns to where you're located, instead of where you just zoomed to add maps. Flawless

Enjoying the app - easy to use (once you have a play with it) just wish it wasn't so expensive for a year subscription. On the whole decent enough .. Worth it!

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