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I like did app but it stop working when i advance the power of my phone. Please what can cause this? Surprisingly

Good. But no option to save to external memory. And there is a way to hide the recordings from the library, make an option to remove the recording extension. That would make so that the recordings will not appear in library. If the user wants to listen the recording, he could just edit the file and add the extension again. Awesome

The app could have been wonderful if it records all calls but it doesn't. In fact it filters out calls automatically. I had a very important call that needed to be recorded, but the app just didn't record any single call that day. I was banking all my hopes on it but it failed me. Its simply unreliable. I'm so pissed with this app. Great job

It records all calls. Starts from first ring. Such feature is not good. It should record only which we want to... Not bad

I can give 5+ rating as it works perfectly more than paid Pro versions . Tons of thanks to developers. love it

Recording is working perfectly on both sides unless you use the mic from the mobile. Once you connect a headset for a prolonged chat, the counterparty audio volume is not good.. It is like hearing a one sided chat.. Remove the headset and everything is back to normal. 4 stars for this bug alone. Recommend

Superb app but mai chahta hun isme ek option aisa hona chahiye ki recording file manager me na save hokar direct google drive ya drop box me recording save ho is trah ek options hona behad jaruri hai jisse ki koi bhi judge na kar sake please add one option Works great

I rated 4 stars because of the options available. But now going back to 4 stars. One most important feature is automatic deletion of messages. Option is there to set, but does not work. Fills up memory with all the calls in log. Sent email to dev but no reply until now. Please fix it. Then I will rate 5 stars. Perfect

It's v easy to trace.. I get many unknown call I can't remember all conversation. This app help me to trace back whenever needed. Perfect!

Who can make this call recorder/hide app.i tell you this is the bestest application in the all call recorder app in plystore.its take care your calls safe & call hide recorder application, Superb!

Nice app I give you 5 star two dropback one is recording icon hide but notify another one is strorege location Great!

I love this app. Availability of features are outstanding. The recording volume is similarly low as all other recording apps, but with the features available free of charge, this app is outstanding and the best I would say. Rating 5 stars. Great job

Everything is fine but I hide my icon so that when I tried to open through keyboard shortcut *111* it's not open Worth a go!

Intuitive and solid. Other call recorders have lost important recordings - this one has been flawless. I have no reason to go back. "ACR - Another Call Recorder" lost a conversation with an exec who was flat-out lying. Inexcusable. "Galaxy Call Recorder" lost a recording with a university administrator who was covering-up a crime. This would've been a legal clincher... but my digital evidence was lost. The dev ignored me. Unacceptable. This software seems like the best so far, and I've been on the hunt since mid-2015. The UI is friendly, and the design is straightforward. From my experience, this is the best choice. Well done!!

Great app. But i m unable to open it. My mobile is oppo f1 s. I hide the the app from setting but i am not able to open it. I call *111* but no response Surprisingly

Great work of developer highly appreciated..few suggestions 1. Recorded call should not show in music player 2. While listening recording from app , screen should not turn off. Worth a go!

its is work only for 6 to 7 day.. after that i have to upload manual.. not uploding automatically.. provide me solution for it.. 5 star

Love It....Yes...I Got It...Its Top Of The 1st Place By More 1000 Apps....Thanq Soo Muchh Pretty good

This is a Great app fayda bht haii hiden call recoder daa is wich sari recording bht wdiaa t clear hundi hai Pretty good

My call box working but suddenly it's not working i try my best but fail how can i fix problem on my qmobile Not bad

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