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The format .wav & .mp3 formats are played in the inbuilt music player so add .amr format to the application 5 star

I love this ga memori deta agar khud ba khud gmail k icount me jata tow or bhi acha tha khud se tamam ricordings gmail me chali jati abi mujhay bad me e mail karna parti he Highly Recommend.

Good but you should give option to hide recording from media player . All the recording come into media player so anyone can play and listen from there hence no privacy at all pls try to resolve this . Great job

Once we hide the icon...not able to open the app again. How to open the app again after it is made invisible. Marvelous

It works. After trying other four apps this does what is supposed to do just perfectly. No exceptions. Not bad

Nice app very useful it helped me a lot, I just want to ask something abt the possibility to send the records to my email box directly Not bad

Good app. The hide feature works well. Just one thing that the app keeps popping up ( comes out of hidden mode) every now and then. Please fix this issue. Already considering to purchase it. Pretty good

एम फर्स्ट टाइम यूज एंड कॉल रिकॉर्ड Brilliant

everythings seems good except the poping icon which should not exactally have to in the hidden mode it come out from hidden mode which is somthing not good, pls do fix this minor issue else the app is awsome...thanks to the devoloper and i request you to pls fix the issue of popping icon which always still there when you call someone it appears always and it comes out of hidden mode plz plz do fix it otherwise i m very happy with this app....thank you Fantastic

Great app, was very easy to get the results I wanted. Worked s promised. It is great for going back and reviewing conversations. It records each call reliably everytime I highly recommend it. wow lol

I have installed on a samsung j2 mobile hand set.It works fine but there is an issue with hiding the aap.I have hidden the aap using *111* it is hidden.but sometimes it pops out on screen and the application is open without running *111*.so in this case it is open for anyone making it vuleranable.requesting to fix this issue. Recommend

From the beginning it records all calls and later record some and leave some without changing the setting. And that's not good Flawless

Plz add recording format which mp3 player doesn't show in it's playlist... It's very annoying to see call recording in music player lists Just wow

This app is the best so far I can talk of.... It has helped me track everything detail of my partner as I have linked it to me Google Drive... great work Not bad

this is best app among all ARC apps but there is no opption for slecting path for audio, I can't slect desired location for audio files. please fix it as soon as u can. Omg

App should give freedom to create a separate folder instead of saving files in root directory of Google Drive. Fantastic

I've tried a few different call recorders in the past and 'callBOX' out performs them all. Although I only had 'callBOX' for about a week, it satisfies me enough to purchase an upgraded version if that option is available. Surprisingly

None other recorder b better than this one is.. I have tried many but this is the only one i loved Surprisingly

Awesome. thanks. First I have seen the pro version of an app completely free on play store with no hurdles. No icon. Simple . Powerful. To open dial *111* only. No one knows it's working behind the scenes. Can upload to clouds. Automatic delete option for uploaded files also be included. Anyway it's an incredible app. Thanks again. Cool

It doesn't record all calls but its better than most other call recording apps. Some days it will just not record anything. Simply put, its not all that reliable Awesome

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