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Good but Other parson voice not clearly receive and call folder show in file maneger Great job

Its very good app but some time app hide from my phone so again install this app Just wow

It is the best app. If emailing of recorded files is available, it is very much good. Great!

Very good apps but plz add call folder hide option ur direct send the drop box option good but call backup folder not plz remove call backup folder option... Amazing!

It records Other side / caller's voice at very low volume is ther any option to raise callers volume Good

Great work of developer highly appreciated..few suggestions 1. Recorded call should not show in music player 2. While listening recording from app , screen should not turn off. Please work on this Fabulous!

Best app but no meaning of security.... Recorded call can be find in music player..If you are creating such security app it's should be hidden from music player..Need to fix asap Amazing!

The Notification bar when recording looks as though it should slide. It took a couple times to realize it is just a push style button. Now is excellent. Nice features Worth it!

Memory storage needed hidden system of call box. Because this records show to memory storage of call box Good

I cannot open the app once it is hide. I keep dialing *111* the callbox never open. Highly Recommend.

It's good app. But the notification icon shown while calling and pass code also not working Fantastic

I have paid version but some time it records sometime it won't record. Is there any settings I should alter Go well

Its a very good app . But is there a way i can hide the icon from the app manager in the phone settings ??? Marvelous

I love this app, and i think its the best CR app i used, but my there's something that i wanna ask, " presently i hide the call box app icon but i don't know where am i check it if i want to open it, because i didn't see it in my apps menu" help me to know how to solve this issue. Wow i solve my problem by my self. That's the best Call recorder i most ever seen. Awesome Good

There should be hidden output directory so recorded audio dont get available in music player. Or output folder should be editable to named as (.callbox) point before folder name so it could be hidden and not be available in music player Cool

I can't record all call on my girlfriends phone, It work only for some calls after installing, afterwards it's not working, also I can't call it back using the mesioned two options( after 1hour) ,how can I sort it out Superb!

It's best call recording app, its hiden fetures are awesome But all call recording's are automatically coming into mine music soo any one can delete it Soo I kindly request you to fix that problem Well done!!

Working good in my samsung mobilen but does not work on my oppo mobile ...the hidden features..and sometime automatic call recording doesnot work on my oppo mobile.. love it

App is excellent but second party's voice is not audible when used head phones..plz try to solve that.. Worth it!

Second party's voice not as clear as it should be. Management's interface is not as good as with similar apps I have tried. Just wow

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