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I have hide the aap bhut i press *111* not open the aap how to open now plz suggest me Recommend

OMG!!! I love it. Its real, no lies, it's free, easy, has no annoying ads, and sounds extremely clear. About time I found something that really does what is says. Until now, It's the best call recorder app I've found. Not only that but I love the fact that you can actually hide the icon in your home screen. I just wish it would also allow you to hide it from the Google Play Store.I don't have to worry about recording each time I get or make a call because it automatically records every time I use my phone. I'm still trying to learn how to use it and how to listen to the call recordings from my phone, without having to install the dropbox app cuz it seems faster and easier when I do it from my computer. I would appreciate it if someone can help me with that please, thank u. I am so happy I finally found exactly what I've been looking for. Great job developers. Thank you for your hard work. Surprisingly

Great job

बहुत अच्छा एप है । सभी को रखना चाहिये Awesome

Worth a go!


Works like charm on my phone.. It dose not load / stay loaded on my nephews OPPO phone.. It switches off unless you keep it minimized.. What could be the reason? Fantastic

After updating android 8 version oreo sharing is not working..please provide solution by updating your software.. Pretty good

It has been a year I'm searching for a call recorder. Now I found this one . This is the best app in the palystore Perfect!

It's works but some time works some calls it's doesn't work but i want to know what is the exact problem team may Reply Well done!!

Very clear reception on both ends...some apps aren't loud enough to hear both...thumbs up! Marvelous

It works great, adds are minimum. It does what it says and give you the option to upgrade premium so you don't have ads I highly recommend it and the app Great job

My all call records has been not saved in call box... It's very important please update the app.. wow lol

Very easy to use. Auto record and auto save. Amazing. If you dont wanna record just stop it with a simple touch. Great job developers keep it up Perfect!

This app is just wonderful, it helps a lot, its lessen my stress, honestly its worth it having it on my device. Kudo to the programmer. I love it Just to say this, I discovered that all my calls that I made after 12noon was not recorded again, please kindly work on it. My wonderful programmer, well done you've done a good job though, but all my calls as not been recorded again, it work perfectly till on 1st of February after lodge a short review, but after that day i managed to get just 2calls recorded. please kindly work on it for me. I had missed many vital info. Thanks. Enjoy it!

Best recorder app I have found. Calls come in equally as clear on both ends, a different one I tried would be very quiet on the other end. Good

Some call not record and also if a call longer than aprrox 15 minutes not recorded every time and uploaded to the google drive is not on time Please fix these problems..? 5 star

Very nice it usefull and app hide also good thank so much but all records sending to mail it's asking payment other app very very nice love it

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