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Highly Effective yet very simple I have tried many others like tasker, this is far easier and highly intuitive. Love it, one of first apps I usually load when getting a new Android. Amazing!

Amazing app with a vital flaw I really love this app as there are so many things it can do automatically like putting my phone on silent when I arrived at work through to automatically texting someone to say I'll be home late and turning functions off if the battery gets too low. Pretty much the options are endless. However, the battery life to do this by far outweighs the benefits and that is a great shame but a whole battery can be gone in six hours away from the plug socket. It unfortunately leaves my phone powerless too quickly. Must have

Works great for me I was tired of my phone auto-joining AT&T and Comcast hotspots while I was driving through town. With this app, WiFi is disabled when my phone connects to my car's Bluetooth, and it's re-enabled when I turn off my car. Love it! I don't have any geo-specific rules, so my battery life is barely impacted. Go well

Just started using it and found it amazing It has lots of options, triggers, and actions. I couldn't find out how to use the "Rule match/unmatch" thing. The help didn't help either. But all in all it is a great a app!

Very powerful I have used the app for years now and find it to be more useful each day. As an example I receive many sms messages and need to act on them based on the message content. I build rules for this content and get real work done. Thank you...great app.

Simple, easy, no fuss. Some settings can cause drain, but varies from device. It is the Location based events and speaking out certain events that for are most useful for me. Very easy to use, very powerful toolset. For the price, it is definitely the best.

Still no Gps switching actions ! Just moved from the previous version 1.2.9 ..., but still NO actions for GPS on/off switching !!

Superb app Superb app but 3 star as app launch in boot doesn't work now for the power consumption. Kindly make it less power consuming. Introduce app use directory. How to make multiple rules work in one rule n such complicated stuff with examples

Very Impressive ! Free without any limitations. Very intuitive and easy to use interface. Needs some refinements but is overall very impressive. It is totally free and is easy to use even for beginners. Other nice automation apps for beginners to intermediate users who are not comfortable with Tasker include : Condi, E-Robot, AutomateIt, Commandr, Automate, Automagic Automation, Trigger, Macrodroid, etc.

So far, very good. After a few days of messing around with this app I've found it to be intuitive, powerful and versatile when combined with profile triggers on my OnePlus One (Cyanogen). And it is NOT eating up my battery!

Very useful Could you ever add a share action? For example, when certain conditions are true, some text or a particular image will be shared to the app(s) of your choice

Battery consumption I like the app but after a weeks analysis and 60-65% total battery consumption I'm going to have to let you go. Functionality wise I love the control, but I can't live with having to always keep docked. Needs a better mechanism to control battery life.

App has great potential I gave this app only 3 stars because the customer support lacks considerably. I emailed them with an issue and after a few days I received a response. When I responded they never replied. I think a major part of any product, app, etc is the customer support which they clearly don't have. The app itself has great potential. I've tested a bunch of similar apps and this app was one of the better ones. Haven't noticed a significant battery drain but it definitely adds to the battery drain.

Not good for battery life! Geez. This thing eats up way too much battery life. It hasn't been a problem until the last couple days. Must be a new update.

Breaks "OK Google" Enabling accessibility services breaks the "OK Google" always listening option in Google Experience Launcher home screen. Please fix.

Decent for free app A lot easier than Tasker and has a lot of potential with and/or conditions and creating profiles. Free. However it is buggy and uses a lot of battery. Automate it is just as easy to use but stable. Will check up on it to see if issues tone down and see what it has it offer over other apps. Definitely worth keeping an eye on though.

Lots of options, but eats battery. This app is an all you can eat buffet of options.There are so many options to set up rules that it is hard to figure out what you want to do. Unfortunately this app is consistently one of the top two battery users on my phone. It uses 40-50% of my battery on a regular basis.

Airplane mode not working Gives an error when trying to enable airplane mode (flight mode). Also, enabling accessibility service for this app will forcibly disable some useful S Pen functions for the Galaxy Note 3, including air command and multi window.

Screen Lock not working on Nexus 5 Great app - i find it easier than tasker, and the others. One thing - the screen lock action. i simply can't get it to change, it stays on no matter what. a bug, or just bad programming? my condition is connected to wifi - should be removing screen lock, right? Help appreciated!

Its good for a free app It has the basic functions but not very user friendly and does consume a hell lot of battery.

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