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Great use. Great prices. Great offers. Great delivery. Great quality. Great service. Keep on going on like this. Thank you! Muito bom!

The app is ok. I ordered brake pad set from brand Nissanparts but after payment it turned out they changed with brand Stark. After discussion with seller he told me the product was the same. But this is certainly not the case. I understand that some brand of product can be out of stock sometime, but the descent thing to do is asking the buyer if he agree with other brand. I think they intentianaly change a well known brand with a much cheaper brand (made in poland) Awesome

The app ok,but the delivery time sorry,2weeks... but writing 1week.and still was get wrong parts,and plus paid for parts and toll it was cheaper buy ,here in Norway. Maybe for other lands it's ok. 5 star

This is good looking app, however the prices are not much cheaper than i can get here in Finland Marvelous

App is okay, sorting of parts could be better, i often go to website to find part, and then use part number to find on app. Paypal payment is very bad with the app, it refuses my info, but the very same info works fine on website. Amazing!

Great app and cheaper than most motorfactors. Large selection of brands to suit all budgets and applications, including a lot of OEM parts. Very fast delivery as well. Highly recommended. 5 star

I do not understand why I can not use money i have on the website in app. Even it's the same company and same account. I had before negative expirience with this company, not alway OEM numbers on product details page are real. In my case i oredered the part via it's oem number wich should be for coipe but get part for sedan and then it was replaced but again i got for sedan 3rd time was ok. Great!

Good as far as app concern... For THE GMHB ....they offer fast delivery service....Great quality for THE service spare parts and a very good fair prices.... Well done!!

Is a good program but improve and diversity with car parts for each model,I need a steering pump fit my Mercedes E250 TD and not finding.And also eliminate the fee for shipment or reduce that.Per total a good programme.Runing well! Flawless

Great app, found the parts I needed very fast unlike Amazon or ebay I can be sure they are the right ones for my car Worth it!

Just I have one question why you put the car part in the app's and you dont have it in real so I have to wait more than week and there is no real answer come for me , it's happened with me 3 times I hope you can fix this problem as fast you can Fantastic

Not bad, ....not really any better than their website. Annoying that they keep sending messages saying "buy now"........I'll buy them when I'm ready thanks all the same. Worth it!

good array of products for a reasonable price. 4 working days delivery from germany. items arrived as advertised. Muito bom!

Thanks for your service. I think you could be better if you have items in your browser to use the search for finding cars. Awesome

Decent app, missing bits, like ship to different address, and maybe languages, they are on site but not app. Awesome

I have made 3 orders from the application ,1000% fast and secure. I agree with someone's​ review about the order history. Good

All of the about details are blank The order history is not quite right it shows the products but not the qty and price of the order.. The current order history works like a reorder function should The address selection via the website and app logged in to the same account does not work properly. Addresses added in web can't easily be used in app and vice versa.. you can edit the address in the app if created on the web then use it App promising but needs some polish Awesome

Easy to use ! Easy to pay ! Hope the products are good quality! Make my first order today Works perfectly

Happy with it other than the fact it doesn't work with my PayPal, I just get a white screen. So I had to pay with my credit card. love it

Awesome can find all the part's I need in one place, also has some good diy videos on youtube Omg

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