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Great availability and selection of parts, plus great prices with even greater discounts, what's not to like. 5* will use again and again Brilliant

Got my items today slightly longer than suggested but they coming from Germany so be patient made up with the service of this app when you make an order you will get a call from an 020 number in London but don't let that put you off it's just security checks thumbs up Fantastic

Fantastic app, competitive prices,a bit pricey delivery but what a choice. Highly recommend it to any diy'er,home mechanic. Worth a go!

Perfecta, muchas marcas y modelos de vehículos, piezas y variedad en marcas y calidades, recomendable Recommend

Great app, I've only used it twice but I like how you can choose your part manufacturer depending on budget or preference of an aftermarket company. Still cheaper than buying locally even after factoring in £8.45 delivery. They use UPS too so no bother getting your package. Fabulous!

Fantastic! Just received my order, it took a week to come, but with the weather and it being transported from near berlin so more than happy to wait. Plus I've saved so much on the discount and the parts were the correct parts and makes! Also free delivery on orders over £140. Thanks AutoDoc! Highly Recommend.

Just placed my first order, seems straight forward enough and they are very helpful. Truth will be to see if it arrives ok and is the correct items. Will update in a few days. Worth it!

Ordering process gone good but it took 2.5 days to get my package from Germany to Holland. I think the delivery could be better Not bad

Everything works fine except filter search!! For example when you select shock absorbers you can clearly see that there is more then one of "Monroe" brand absorbers, but when you try to filter by selecting "Monroe" brand you get only one result! Thats optional feature but very usefull. Hope you will fix it soon :) 5 star

Great prices and a good selection of parts for most use cases. Wish there was more different parts for my car Amazing!

I rated 3 stars because the item description is very very poor. Sometimes it does not exist. Highly Recommend.

Brilliant in every way, customer service answers promptly and precise. Definitely worth the effort Worth it!

Hi. Is there any way that a section can be added for M-Technology parts only?. It's a pain in the a**e as you need to look at the details to see if the part is compatible or not. Thanks Works great

Biggest problem is I can not finalise payment through PayPal,there is always a blank seems to know about it but didn't get fixed with the latest update. Great!

Just thinking how long it will take to come those parts I ordered on 8.12 . 2017 Good

Easy to use. Not always the cheapest but most convenient when there's no spares shop nearby. Great job

good parts and quick delivery but the app has a lot of problems and keeps clossing upon opening after last update...tried deleting the app and reinstal but same thing happened... Superb!

Ordered twice now and both orders come as described and took about a week. Can't fault the service so far. Flawless

good parts and quick delivery but the app has a lot of problems and keeps clossing upon opening after last update... 5 star

Easy to use but prices are not best... few euros expensier than in local part shop (same brand/code part) Perfect!

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