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Great app since I lose my remote to my sound bar, not sure what ppl are complaining about obviously your sound bars are not compatible Fantastic

When I open the app it stops my music. When I close the app it stops my music. Note 8 Perfect!

I don't see the point of buttons that don't have a function like woofer. Also, it'd be nice if the application would replicate what the bar is showing such as volume and other levels, source, etc. Mine is hidden. Awesome

Need to be updated... Basic classifications like albums, Playlists are not there....! Works perfectly

It works for me! We lost our Samsung sound bar remote and this app works flawlessly to control it. It connected to the soundbar instantly off of bluetooth. My only beef is that I personally don't require the media player element of it, which seems to be it's predominant feature and just means you have to select the remote individually each time you open the app. But, minor inconvenience! (And my own fault for losing the original remote in the first place) Perfect!

Brilliant. Downloaded this to complement my HW-M360 soundbar and it's excellent.. provides all the features of the remote including a music play to play your local files. Does what it should and it's convenient to have in case you don't happen to have the remote handy or it goes missing! Great!

App works as a remote control for hw-m360. The app would be greatly improved if it reported the sound setting (eg movie, music, etc) rather than it just being a toggle. Muito bom!

**To the people unable to connect to their soundbars.** Use the soundbar remote to set the input to Bluetooth. It found my soundbar as soon as I set it to Bluetooth using the remote. Flawless

App was very good for changing soundbar settings when I had misplaced my remote. It would be good if you could view what is displayed on the actual soundbar within the app, especially when changing sound modes, so that you easily know what mode it is. Perhaps there could be an option to select a particular sound mode or bass intensity without having to cycle through each one. Perfect!

Great app that can play music and control the speaker right from the same place. I dont need to open MusixMatch to play music and also find my remote control! Enjoy it!

This app used to work great on my sound bar. However now for some reason it is ALWAYS turning off my music. I am having to reconnect continuously to the point it pisses me off. Why is it disconnecting and shouting down my music? Fabulous!

This app was perfect for me since I lost my soundbar remote and wanted to change the sound effect, I tried multiple apps and this was the only one with this feature Just wow

Does just what it says. Great app instant connection to my sound bar and also found it easy to directly connect my phone via Bluetooth. Plays my music just fine and controls the sound bar with no problem. 5 star

So Far So Good...A Splendid App Indeed...I Shall Be Purchasing A New Stereo System Hopefully Soon~If All Goes Well...I Shall Be Purchasing The Samsung MXJ630~A Splendid Stereo System...To Sadly Replace My Sony Stereo System I've Had Since 2009~Cause The CD Changer Is Acting Up I Tested This Remote App In The Only Store That Had This And Just Stereo Systems In General~And It Surely Worked...It Pair Via Bluetooth In Just Seconds...I Have 2 Android Smartphones~So This Will Be Like Having 2 Extra Remotes... However A Few Things Are Left Out~So Ud Still Need The Remote That Was Packaged With The Stereo... UPDATE: I'm Happy To Say I Purchased The Samsung MXJ 630 3 Weeks Ago For My Birthday~And Are Quite Happy With It~The App Works Splendidly~But Needs A Bit If An Update~Sometimes I Have To Close The App And Relaunch It 2 Or 3 Times...It Needs Major Updates...It Stays Connected With My Phones...But My New Tablet I Purchased About 3 Weeks Ago...It Consistently Dropped Connection After Several Minutes...Whole Playing YouTube Or Any Video Streaming App!! wow lol

To connect this app do not connect your phone directly. You must connect only thru the app. Marvelous

Pretty good but could you please add an option to the app to choose default source when app start, for instance D In. Thanks love it

My sound bar actually sounds better playing hot buttered soul. What a pleasant surprise. Not bad

Replaced our sammy sound bar's remote control so completely that I wonder why the remote control was included in the box. Marvelous

The Bluetooth connection is spotty if you are not in the same room but connect to the bar without the app and the connection is strong without skips. App works well tho Perfect!

Great great app but i dont have the option for the party thing my phone showed it but i didn't know what it was and it only showed it once if uninstalled the app and installed it again but it doesn't work im i doing something wrong or is there something i need to select before getting it please help Fabulous!

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