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Oh Man. I'm gonna have lots of fun with this app. Hooked up a behringer u-phoria 404hd and few microphones. The playback sucks on my galaxy s6 but there are no dropouts if you don't monitor the current track. You can adjust the eq and stuff after. The effects are sweet too. Let's see how it deals with the tascam 16 track interface. Marvelous

The recording is excellent with this app when u learn how to use all the features Must have

Been a year now, and while im loyal to this app i do keep my eyes open for even better as i always will.. This is still by far the best purchase i ever made on here. Worth a go!

Works great on Huawei P10! Apps great, plus you get awesome support from developer too if ever you get problems making it work with your device. I bought a 10$ UGREEN with an RCA out, and together with this app I now have ZERO latency input monitoring. 5 star

I love the idea and like anything it'll take time to learn but my isue is that i dont use this on a tablet or phone (Not yet anyway) I use it on my chromebook with a mouse and keyboard outputting to an external monitor. Can you add mouse support for us who are using it as a full on recording program? Surprisingly

This app has more value to me than any the thousands and thousands of dollars worth of music gear Ive ever had. I never miss a music idea anymore whenever it may hit me. Hands down awesome. Works great

This app works perfectly with oneplus 5t (128gb/8gb ram) without using powered USB hub for my interface. Just otg cable from oneplus. And some minor setting. I recorded songs with instrument and vocal at the same time. Thanks for this handy app. Awesome app. Go well

By far the most versatile daw available for android, I would like to be able to assign my unused midi cc messages to different parameters such as effect levels or speeds but otherwise it is flawless Brilliant

Amazing, I like it. I've own some of the most expensive gears like Protools and korg Triton that cost thousands.....this app works well, very powerful and surprisingly it can keep up with industry quality for it's cost just by using my phone and this app can put out powerful work with external interfaces. Doubting? Check out a beat i use my phone to make on my Instagram profile at @officialalbertmarley, only thing is I think the developers could offer more soundfonts instruments plugins and some more fx plugins forsale. Amazing!

Awesome DAW for a phone. So cool, don't have a computer set up but got my mic and keyboard and using this app works just as well! 5 star

This is the best studio recording software on the market to date aside from garage band on iTunes only love it

Pls I can't access my music directory if I want to save project and if I save it in project folder it won't play in other audio player pls what should I do Go well

UPDATE way much better i havent updated but i found out if i dont use the open els switch but the audio switch after determining latency everything is aligned properly accordingly Superb!

Simple and full of features...As a musician I recommend this to all who aspire to be someone.. Worth a go!

This is a wonderful piece of software, it is the closest thing you can get to Logic or Pro tools on your Android. With a decent USB interface you can record quality 24-bit audio. You can edit on the move and also export to another DAW. The extra Toneboosters plugins are well worth buying as extras. The compressor and Ferrox tape saturation sound particularly sweet. The customer support is also good; they respond quickly to queries. Fabulous!

Amazing how easy, intuitive nice UI design colours and easily the best , thank you so much Brilliant

This app is exactly what I have been looking for. Once you get used to it, you'll have great sound records. To suppress background noise in a multitrack recording, I'm using headphones and decreasing the Master volume for each new track recording (because headphones grab the sound of your previous records if the Master volume is too high) Pretty good

Support staff was phenomenal I encountered a problem by using internal mic and successive tracks we're bleeding on to each other. Support staff where Johnny on the spot:-) this is worth your money. Brilliant

Just got everything up and running on my Chromebook. Did some testing and everything sounds great! Fabulous!

Wonderful!!! I love it! My issue is not with the app but I bought 2 sound packs that stopped downloading in the middle of the download. When I went to download again... It wanted to charge my card again! I already paid for it. Anyone know how to resolve this issue? Cool

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